Oneclick Visas is a fast growing Immigration Consultancy headquartered in Montreal. With our branch office in Delhi NCR and Ahmedabad, our services are uniquely tailored to meet the immigration needs of professionals seeking better career prospects and life development by settling overseas.

We provide all types of Immigration solutions customized as per the individual case and our target population is the entire length and breadth of India and the world. Our vision is to see Indian families and couples needing to migrate, happily settled and leading a successful life.

  • We offer the world’s best immigration services and yet very affordable in terms of service cost.

Oneclick Visas is an authorized immigration consultancy. We proudly call ourselves a global leader in providing best online immigration solutions. We stand with you as your Immigration Representative so that all the obstacles, challenges, chores and frustration that are often associated with the visa application process can be handles professionally. For success of your visa, we have hired a team of experts that are ‘best’ as per the market standards. Our Immigration Experts and Counsellors have been in the immigration industry for numerous years and are well versed with core rules and regulations formulated by Immigration Authorities of different country.

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About Our ICCRC Lawyer

ONECLICK VISAS is led by our LAWYER, Angad Sachdeva. He is an ICCRC accredited (R518464) Canada immigration lawyer, and is undoubtedly the best Canada PR consultant in the business. Under his expert guidance, our team of Canada Immigration consultants in Delhi and Ahmedabad provide the most qualified immigration help.

Oneclick Immigration Consulting Services Private Limited was established 7 years back with just five PR cases in hand. This was soon followed by exponential escalation and today we have more than 1,000 successful PR cases for the record! We provide Immigration Consultancy services to people from all over India and all walks of life. Our services range from bones to wrinkles when it comes to immigration. With us, you can bring your dream to table and successfully immigrate to various lucrative international destinations around the globe.

Why Oneclick Visas?

People are often wondering whether or not to book an Immigration Consultant for themselves. Here is the fact: A Consultant is always capable enough to pre-assess your case, trace possible obstacles, prepare alternatives or probable solutions and then go by to do each and every process step on your behalf. It is undoubtedly therefore, to go with a professional Immigration Consultant. Even if you go by CIC guidelines, even they suggest you to take up an Immigration Consultant as your representative if such firm is ICCRC accredited.

How to reach us?

With so many years of industry experience and knowledge of Canada immigration laws, Oneclick is one stop solution to every immigration need of yours. We render professional seamless immigration services for countries like Australia, Canada, UK, USA and more. To get felicitous assistance from the experts or to book a counselling session, get in touch with our Immigration specialists today! Ring at +91 9821533309

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Hi Everyone, I Want to talk to you about Oneclick Visa's. When i First Came to them, i didn't think i had any chance of migrating to my dream country. But these people didn't say no. They told me what to do get my score up and how to enhance my viability as an immigrant. Oneclick Immigration is the best Consultancy in Delhi for Canada PR. I will also recommend their services to anyone looking to migrate to Canada with ease. Thanks to all Oneclick Visa's Team.



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First of all thanks to all the team of Oneclick Immigration Consulting Services. These guys are Canada Immigration Experts. The way they handle my case was simply amazing. I went from being one of the lowest ranked guys to being one of the highest in just a couple of months. I want to thank Oneclick Immigration for making my dreams come true. Get in touch with them if you want to move quickly to your dreams immigration destination. Thanks Oneclick Immigration.


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Before I went to Oneclick Visa with my case, I had almost given up hope of moving abroad. But they assured me that they would be able to get a positive outcome. We worked for weeks on making a positive application and went through a rigorous screening process to make sure everything was covered. They kept me involved in every step so I knew what was going on. I know that I could not have made it without the professional advice of the people at Oneclick Immigration.


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