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About our ICCRC Lawyer – Angad Sachedeva:

Oneclick visas work under the guidelines of Canada immigration department and with the help of his RCIC Lawyer, Mr.Angad Sachdeva.

Mr.Sachdeva is an extremely professional team consultant at Oneclick Visas. He is an accredited consultant from Canada and holds high prestige in the immigration industry. Under his expert guidance, we take care of every immigration law being followed as well as keep an active eye on any policy changes or change in diplomatic relations between India and Canada that may affect you as the potential immigrant.

ICCRC is the national regulatory body that oversees licensed immigration and citizenship consultants.  The aim of this body is to serves and protects the public from any fraud, scam or con.

There are many fake consultancies operating in the industry today and their interest lies in minting money from you. Therefore, it is advisable to always consult and hire an ICCRC accredited firm like Oneclick Immigrations Consulting Services.

If you dream to immigrate and settle in a country of opportunities and social advancements, then don’t delay; call us and we shall arrange a consultation or meeting with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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Main reasons to hire an RCIC:

  • RCIC holds specialization in Canadian immigration law only. Thus, a RCIC ensure professional conduct when it comes to following the laws while applying for immigration.
  • RCIC stay updated all the time. They remain abreast with the constantly changing immigration scenarios, an obligation they are legally required to fulfil. Any change in the immigration laws or policies is well communicated to the client and proper measures are taken to avoid rejection of already submitted applications.
  • Our RCICs takes you by your hand and advise you about the best alternative suitable to your credentials.
  • RCIC is fully trained for any visa situation and thus will guide you through your application process at every step. We are living in the times where everyone is pre-occupied and busy in his or her routine life and RCIC thus makes your immigration process easy, fast and hassle free.
  • RCIC submits your application after multiple revisions. This ensures no mistake at all and greatest chance of success.
  • RCIC remains in touch with the Canadian Immigration authorities and different Canadian government department on your behalf. In other words, they are your direct representatives and help you sought concerns and issues, if any, in front of the immigration authority.
  • RCICs are regularly audited by ICCRC to maintain transparency and fair regulated practice as a consultant. Thus, there is no chance of you being deceived or tricked.

About Oneclick Visas

Oneclick Visas is the authentic visa consultancy in India, particularly for Canada immigration.With a group of more than 100 qualified specialists giving productive visa help to Indian skilled people and their families; we are regarded as the ranked 1 visa immigration firm in India.

Having effectively handled over 6000+ immigration cases till date, we have earned our position among the top 10 promising immigration consultants in India.

Oneclick Visas proudly call itself a global leader in providing best online immigration solutions. We stand with you as your Immigration Representative so that all the obstacles, challenges and issue that may come up with the visa application process can be handled professionally.

For success of your visa, we have hired a team of extremely trained consultants and case officers that are regarded as the best as per the market standards.

Immigration programs offered by Oneclick Visas:

Express Entry is the most popular Canada immigration stream for skilled individuals. This program has the largest participation and thousand of immigrants every year apply and receive visa under this

Provincial Nominee program is another alternative for skilled people with medium credentials. As Canada enjoys a federal system of governance, there are provincial programs for immigrants’ admissions other than the Express Entry (which is a federal government’s program).

Other programs offered by Oneclick are study visa, tourist visa, etc.

Company profile

Our Presence

Oneclick Visas is headquartered in Montreal (Quebec), Canada. Our branch offices are present all over India including the heart of the country-Delhi. We are expanding our presence pan India and aim to establish office in almost every Indian city!

Online services all over the world

Yet, it is imperative to inform you that the whole immigration procedure is handled online. There is no physical presence of the applicant required.

Our Delhi branch has successfully completed PR cases for clients residing in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kerala, Gujarat and other parts of the nation. In fact, we have effectively handled PR cases of foreign nationals from Dubai, US, Africa and other countries. Today, our clients are happily settled in their dream countries!

Oneclick Visas provide online visa assistance all over the world. You can stay connected with us via mail, skype, phone and other social platforms where we tend to provide regular updates of your PR application.

Oneclick Visas’ Mission & Vision:

Oneclick Visa’s mission is to provide all types of Immigration solutions customized as per the individual’s needs and our target population is the entire length and breadth of India and the world. Our vision is to see Indian families and couples happily settled and leading a successful life in their dream country.

At Oneclick visas, you will find the expert team handling your case with utmost professionalism. Our team cautiously process your case under Canadian Immigration Policies and Rules. Our primary focus is to follow ICCRC lawyer guidance at each and every step so as to render a bother free experience to all our clients!

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If you dream to immigrate and settle in a country of opportunities and social advancements, then don’t delay; call us and we shall arrange a consultation or meeting with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

We also invite you to take pre-assessment of your credentials. This will help you decide your initial eligibility. We can guide you through the right visa stream on the basis of pre-assessment results. Call us today!

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