New Regional Occupation List 2019 Australia

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New Regional Occupation List 2019 Australia

What is Regional Immigration?

The Government is improving the meaning of Regional Australia over every gifted visa. The meaning of Regional Australia will be rearranged and extended in November 2019 to incorporate all of Australia aside from the accompanying metropolitan territories: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth.

The new definition will shape single consistent outskirts, as characterized by postcodes, around these metropolitan regions. More data, and a list of postcodes characterizing the territorial region will be accessible at the appropriate time. This methodology will give consistency crosswise over talented visa programs and enable progressively regional organizations to get to aptitudes hard to come by through local relocation programs and regional occupation list.

The Regional Visa Occupation Lists are created through broad research and industry discussion to guarantee that you have exact data to begin another life in provincial Australia by having a Job in hand.

To relocate and live in Australia, you should apply for one of the visas that permit being an Australia PR (Permanent Resident). You can apply for this visa from anyplace on the planet. As indicated by an examination, 70% of the remote nationals coming to Australia for heap reasons wish to remain back, work and live in Australia.

Australia Regional occupation demand list 2019:

ANZSCO Code Description Assessing Authority Skill Level
121314 Deer Farmer
121315 Goat Farmer
121111 Aquaculture Farmer
121211 cotton grower
121213 Fruit or Nut Grower
121214 Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower (Aus) / Field Crop Grower (NZ)
121216 Mixed Crop Farmer
121217 Sugar Cane Grower
121299 Crop Farmers (nec)
121312 Beef Cattle Farmer
121313 Dairy Cattle Farmer
121317 Mixed Livestock Farmer
121318 Pig Farmer
121322 Sheep Farmer
121399 Livestock Farmers (nec)
121411 Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer
252312 dentist
253211 Anaesthetist
121316 Horse Breeder VETASSESS 1
131114 Public Relations Manager AIM 1
132411 Policy and Planning Manager VETASSESS 1
133112 Project Builder VETASSESS 1
133612 Procurement Manager AIM 1
134211 Medical Administrator VETASSESS 1
134412 Regional Education Manager VETASSESS 1
139915 Sports Administrator VETASSESS 1
141211 Caravan Park and Camping Ground Manager VETASSESS 2
142115 Post Office Manager VETASSESS 2
149111 Amusement Centre Manager VETASSESS 2
149112 Fitness Centre Manager VETASSESS 2
149113 Sports Centre Manager VETASSESS 2
149912 Cinema or Theatre Manager VETASSESS 2
149914 Financial Institution Branch Manager VETASSESS 2
223111 Human Resource Adviser VETASSESS 1
223113 Workplace Relations Adviser VETASSESS 1
224412 Policy Analyst VETASSESS 1
224912 Liaison Officer VETASSESS 1
225112 Market Research Analyst VETASSESS 1
231111 Aeroplane Pilot CASA 1
231113 Flying Instructor VETASSESS 1
231114 Helicopter Pilot CASA 1
231213 Ship’s Master AMSA 1
232413 Multimedia Designer VETASSESS 1
234213 Wine Maker VETASSESS 1
234311 Conservation Officer VETASSESS 1

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