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Why Canada?

Canada is the popular country for Indian immigrants considering re-settling with family. The main reason behind this is that the country offers an amalgamation of urban efficiency with a relaxed and surreal countryside life. Canada is a nation where you can get both professional opportunities as well as self-care amenities such as quality healthcare and free education up to 12th standard for you and your family.

Let us explore on how could you possibly immigrate to the country through an Immigration consultant?

Canada Immigration Consultancy in Delhi

Immigration Industry is fluctuating and no one can really tell what may occur in the following stage possibly that is the reason the majority of the general population lean toward enlisting migration specialists in Delhi.

The following inquiry emerges whom to trust for PR visa purposes? There are such huge numbers of vagrants rushing the market and everybody is putting forth pretty much comparable administrations yet one should see that those administrations ought to be of veritable nature. The visa advisors ought not be cash digger and exploitative with their customers.

One such migration consultancy you can trusts is Oneclick Visas Immigration Consultancy in Delhi that was consolidated years back to help potential candidates really looking for immigration answers for Canada settlement.

With over a decade of industry experience, the visa specialists at Oneclick have effectively connected lasting residency answers for in excess of thousand transients. We are committed learned, proficient and effective specialists who help in a methodical way by giving significant data on the best way to apply for Permanent Residency Programs.

About ICCRC Registered Immigration Consultants

ICCRC is the national regulatory body that oversees licensed immigration and citizenship consultants.  The aim of this body is to serves and protects the public from any fraud, scam or con.

There are many fake consultancies operating in the industry today and their interest lies in minting money from you. Therefore, it is advisable to always consult and hire an ICCRC accredited firm like Oneclick Immigrations Consulting Services.


canada immigartion in 2020

With the normal Canadian achieving the time of retirement at a rapid rate, outsiders are the principle main impetus for the nation’s development. This gives various chances to foreign skilled workers to move to Canada and grab the opportunities to lead a comfortable, high-end life in a nation like Canada.

Why you need ICCRC Immigration Consultants to file your PR Visa?

Confused why you should go with hiring a consultant? Read the below section where we have discussed about positive attributes as to why a consultant is mandatory for you PR process:

  • An Immigration Consultant explains you the whole process beforehand. There won’t be any hit and trials like in case of applying by your own. Our team is well-versed with each and every step of the process and therefore you need not worry about various deadlines, etc. Also, the in-depth knowledge of our Immigration experts about the immigration process makes you informed about each and every requirement that may come up before, during and after the Immigration process.
  • An Immigration consultant also provides you with Job assistance services which help you finding jobs in the country. Our well-reputed firm has several tie-ups with Canadian employers and firms in Canada for almost all the job profiles. We even provide you with professional services of CV and cover letter designing as per Canadian standards.
  • One of the major benefits of hiring an Immigration consultant is that the team takes care of your documentation and submission deadlines. Sometimes, CIC ask you for ADR (Additional Document Requirement) which only an Immigration expert can adhere to.
  • An Immigration Consultant also gives you post-landing services after you land in Canada. Oneclick Immigrations is having its Parent unit in Montreal, Canada through which we make arrangements for our clients such as accommodation, airport pick up, Job exploration and more.

How to Find if your Consultants is Genuine or not?

Finding a genuine immigration consultant is easy. You can rely on customer reviews and other research from the Internet. But one of the most important factors to consider is whether or not a consultancy is ICCRC accredited. Only a verified ICCRC firm is a genuine and reliable firm and you must check the website of a consultancy to trace down the ICCRC logo.

Oneclick Immigrations is an ICCRC accredited firm and our mission is to provide a hassle free immigration journey to you rather than to make money or get business from our clients. We believe in bonding a life time relationship with our clients by delivering tremendous immigration dealings.

ICCRC Immigration Consultants in delhi

Services offered by ICCRC Canadian Immigration Consultants

At Oneclick Immigrations, we have professional service packages designed with an intention of client satisfaction. Our services are unique and we are all transparent with you regarding our processing and working. We are probably the only firm in the immigration industry that has a customization option available for you. This means that you can choose from our menu of services whatever suits your requirements.

Here is a complete list of major services we offer to our valuable clients:

Canada Immigration visa filling and reviewing: Filing of your Express Entry is an online process and our experts make sure to create your Express Entry profile error-free and also keep it updated. Any error in filling of your profile can lead to direct rejection of your visa and therefore we suggest you not to file your application without consulting us.

Free Assessment Service before taking your case: As mentioned before, our promise is making our clients content and satisfied. Therefore we do not take up your case and waste your time and money. We are dedication towards this business principle of ours and therefore we offer a free assessment service to all our clients to show them how likely they are to get selection by CIC and move to Canada on a PR visa.

Documents Preparation and Submission: This is the most challenging step in the whole process of immigration to Canada. Documentation holds a vital importance as any false/misleading information furnished by the applicant by way of document can lead to direct rejection of visa and even ban from entering the country for 5 long years! Without a proper documentation, even the best scoring applications gets rejected. So, our team takes extra pre caution while complying with your documentation requirements. We also takes care of deadlines given by CIC for document submission.

IELTS Training and updated study material: Canada requires you to have a good language ability in order to qualify for your immigration process. IELTS is the pathway to comply away with this requirement and our IELTS training schedule has been designed keeping this very fact in mind. Our IELTS assistance is free. We provide free updated material for study and also mock-test preparation schedule as well as in-depth section wise analysis to prepare clients too sails through the test in the very first attempt.

Resume Designing as per Canadian standards: They say your first impression is your last one. Well this holds true in case you are applying to Jobs in Canadian Job market. Your CV and cover letter make a great difference the way potential employers look at you. If you want to make a significant impact on the employer, then you should get your CV and cover letter designed now. Our professionally designed CVs ensure that you get an edge over your competitors and able to get a decently salaried job in Canada.

Job Assistance Services:  Having a good job is one of many pre-requisites for settling in Canada on a permanent residency. That is why we provide free job Assistance Services to all our clients. Job assistance means getting you across various Canadian firms and employers that are actively seeking skilled workers like you. You need to appear for interview process and if selected, they will hire you there and then. We also help you deciding on your NOC (National Occupation Code) based on your Job roles and responsibilities.

Legally Binding Contract: Oneclick Immigrations has been providing the most authentic services to its clients since 2012. We cater to your permanent immigration related services so that a fast and economical way of immigrating can be draw. All our service list and terms & conditions are mentioned on a legal contact so you need not worry about getting coned. We understand our clients’ fear before trusting an immigration firm so that is why we have everything written in a legally binding contract.

ICCRC Consultants in delhi

Would you be able to fulfill Requirement of Canada PR? Get ready to check your eligibility Free for 2020!!

What makes Oneclick Immigration is one of the best Immigration Consultants in Delhi?

Oneclick Immigrations Consulting Services is a leading Immigration service provider. We have purely earned this reputed tag as a direct result of our determination and hard work. Our Visa officers works round the clock for you and are having unmatchable knowledge in the field of Immigration. We understand the time and money that you put in waiting for your visa or to get united with your loved ones/family in Canada and therefore we sincerely work to see you fly to Canada as soon as possible!

We are a Delhi based firm headquartered at Brampton (Canada). Further, we employ a customer friendly approach, where we listen to every single query from your end and provide multiple responses until a complete client satisfaction is not received.

We welcome all the immigration aspirants to address their doubts and worries by simply reaching us through phone. Ring us at +91 9821533309 to get in touch with our well-trained Immigration experts today!