Canada Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) Points Calculator 2019

The candidates scoring 440 and above can apply for Canadian permanent residency (PR) visa.

Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator 2019

The Express Entry Points Calculator 2019 is the essential instrument used to decide the CRS score of any candidate. This instrument is imperative since it demonstrates the normal score than each candidate has. By understanding the restrictions of any profile, the candidate can find a way to enhance the score and enhance their immigration chances in 2019.

In case that you are a skilled applicant wanting to get settled in Canada as Permanent Resident in 2019, at that point you have to select the point-based framework, i.e., the Express Entry System. Presented by the Canadian Government, it requires least 67 points for an applicant’s qualification. Additionally, these points are regularly known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Subsequently, to follow out your odds for Canada PR in 2019, you have to go for a Canada CRS Points Calculator; where the points are assessed by the Candidate’s Core Human Factors in particular age, education, work experience, English dialect capability, adaptability and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The underneath express entry points 2019 decide your CRS score for Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) class, wherein you have to score least 67 points to be enrolled as an eligible applicant for Canada Immigration in 2019.

crs calculator canada 2019

In this point system called CRS, the scores are being given for your each profile factor, i.e. age, educational training, English aptitudes, work skills, and so on. You may facilitate with an Immigration expert for further elucidation or help with request to enhance your profile or CRS point score for Canada migration in 2019.

The Express Entry Calculator device computes your CRS score in light of two fragments which are – Core and Additional factors. Every one of these sections is worth 600 points. The primary considered factors, for example, aptitudes and experience, spouse or common- law partner factors, for example, their dialect abilities, education and aptitudes transferability. Close by these elements, a few extra factors are likewise considered and scored to add to the Core score. These elements are – Canadian educational degrees, confirmations or testaments, a Job offer from an area or region, a sibling or sister living in Canada who is a native or permanent resident and solid French dialect aptitudes. In case you’re qualified with these factors in 2019 you can move to Canada Fast. You have to check your Eligibility first before applying in Canadian Express Entry Program 2019.

Province to Apply for Canada PNP 2019

Canada Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) Points Calculator tools 2019

Note: Canada Comprehensive Ranking System 2019 is the point based criteria in which we use to evaluate your profile based on the factors mentioned below. This is the tool will help you to Calculate your Score for the Express Entry pool.

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Canada Express Entry Points History 2019

Most of applicants in the pool have scores under 400 CRS. If we go by trends, the cut remains fairly between 320-380.

The draw by and large has around 3,000 applicants selected every time. Many times, we have also seen selection of 3,900 applicants at one go. The cut-off and selected applicants are actually reversely proportional because more is the cut-off, fewer will be selected and more the applicants selected, lesser would be the cut-off.

 In 2019, the draws have dropped marginally to 3,350 applicants for each draw. So fundamentally, if there are at any rate 3,000 applicants in the pool with scores higher than your own, you need a greater point score total.


Draw # Minimum CRS Score Required Date of Draw # of ITAs Issued
12th 462 26th June, 2019 3,350
11th 465 12th June, 2019 3,350
10th 470 29th May, 2019 3,350
9th 450 1st May, 2019 3,350
8th 451 17th April, 2019 3,350
7th 451 3rd April, 2019 3,350
6th 452 20th March, 2019 3,350
5th 454 6th March, 2019 3,350
4th 457 20th Feb, 2019 3,350
3rd 438 30th January, 2019 3,350
2nd 443 23 January, 2019 3,900
Ist 449 10th January, 2019 3,900

Canada Express Entry Processing Time 2019

The Express Entry framework has one of the quickest processing times. In case that all the information you furnished is sufficient and correct, then it will take about 6-8 months to process your application by CIC.

Be that as it may, there are factors, which can effect your processing times:

  • The excess of visa applications with CIC to process
  • Backlogs pending with CIC
  • Additional Documentation Requirement (ADR) given by CIC
  • Express Entry scores and present draw trends
  • Some other issue raised by the Canadian immigration division

How many points do I need for express entry Canada 2019?

Ordinarily, the express entry draw requires scores somewhere in the range of 440 and 450. This given score numbers may shift based upon the volume of candidates Canada need to invite and the general score level of everybody applying for express entry i.e., people in the pool.

For instance, the cut-off was 456 in March 2018, while the base required score dropped to 441 one month later. Many PNP rounds for numerous candidates with a similar score may include a “first-come, first-serve” approach.

The government skilled programs include an alternate requirement of eligibility, with a 67 points of 100 based on your age, education, language and work skills. This is usually for being eligible to file express entry.

So first, you just need to focus on the minimum 67 point requirement i.e., the human capital scores.

Canada express entry minimum points out of 1200

Out of 1200, try to get a score around 400 CRS. This is because:

  1. This is a decent level of CRS often gets selected in draws
  2. The province of Ontario may nominate you as the province takes candidates from the pool with 400 CRS or above.

The CRS scores for a competitortakes into account a number of factors such as age, level of education, language capacity in English as well as French, work understanding (both in Canada and abroad), regardless of whether the person has an offer of employment in Canada, and whether a Canadian province has issued the person a selection for Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Besides, competitors with life partner, common- law partner or matrimonial spouse may also be given weight age while calculating CRS out of 1200.

Out of the aggregate of 1,200 points, 600 might be granted for an offer of employment or provincial nomination. Of the staying half, up to 500 are accessible for human capital factors in their own right, and 100 for skill transferability of those human capital elements. However, many of Express Entry draws that have occurred up until now, we have seen ITAs issued to applicants who had neither an offer of employment nor a nomination from the province.

The express entry framework will direct you about various factorson which an applicant in the pool can build his or her positioning among other high scoring candidates. These factors are significant, and apparently even a slight change in one factor—for instance, improving a language ability skills—can have immense outcomes on one’s positioning.

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Canada Express Entry (CRS) Points Calculator 2019

Introduction to Express Entry System:

Canadian Immigration in 2019 offers skilled opportunities via 60 different programs to those candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada and start a new life. Among these 60 programs, Express Entry is one of the most popular programs that are used by candidates to apply for Permanent Resident Visa. Express Entry is known as the Federal System of selection and is a new and transparent program which is electronic and point based. The system is used to seek candidates who deserve growth opportunities and have the potential to provide input to the development of Canadian economy.

Do i Qualify for Canada PR?

How does Express Entry employ the CRS Points System in 2019?

To apply for Express entry program in 2019 a candidate has to score minimum CRS points which make them eligible for the invitation to apply for a permanent resident visa 2019. The candidate earns points on the basis of their current age, educational qualification, skills, work experience, employment potential, language proficiencies, etc. The candidates with the highest CRS scores are given a priority while issuing an invitation to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa from the Express Entry pool 2019. The key reason for introduction of this point-score system is to select the most deserving candidate through a transparent system as earlier the system was based on ‘First-come, First-served’ basis rather than selection through points earned.

Calculate My CRS Score?

This system of Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) is a unique system of selection used by Citizenship & Immigration Canada. It calculates the points scored by the applicants on the basis of factors such as Age, Educational qualifications, English language proficiency, adaptability factors, work experience and skills etc. CIC uses this CRS tool to find the most suitable candidates who can live, work and contribute towards the development of Canadian economy in 2019. This tool has been given a name of Canada Point Calculator.

A Candidate’s CRS score is calculated and given a position (ranked) among other candidates in the Express Entry pool. The highest scoring candidates are given priority and are given an invitation for Canada Permanent resident status once in every 15 days.

Post a change that came into being after June 6, 2017, the CIC will now allot extra points to a candidate if they have certain adaptability factors. Now, a candidate can get the additional points if:”

  • He/she has sibling(s) in Canada (15 points)
  • If you prove French ability (15 or 30 points)
  • You have a job offer from Canadian employer (200 points)

The Comprehensive Ranking System Ranks Eligible Candidates for Immigration to Canada through Express Entry under the Following Components:

  • Core human capital factors (Maximum Points 460)
  • Accompanying spouse or common-law partner factors (Maximum Points 40)
  • With a valid job offer (Maximum 200 points)
  • Additional points relating to Provincial Nomination or a qualifying offer of arranged employment (Maximum Points 600)

Total Number of CRS Points Available in Express Entry CRS is 1200.

You need to score as much as you out of 1200 to get selected in the next Express Entry Draw. These latest Express Entry draws will tell you about the trends and probable scores in which CIC sends selection to skilled candidates.

Tabular Representation of CRS score distribution

Condition 1

If You Do Not Have a Spouse or Common-Law Partner Check Your Points Below
Components Points
1. Education and experience factors 500
2. Spouse or common-law partner factors N/A
Subtotal (Component 1 + Component 2) 500
3. Transferability factors 100
4. Additional points (job offer or PT nomination) 600
Grand total 1,200

Condition 2

If You Have a Spouse or Common-Law Partner…
Components Points
1. Education and experience factors 460
2. Spouse or common-law partner factors 40
Subtotal (Component 1 + Component 2) 500
3. Transferability factors 100
4. Additional points (job offer or PT nomination) 600
Grand total 1,200

You can calculate your Total CRS score from the below mentioned tables A,B, C and D.

Your final total score can be obtained by summing A+B+C+D. Note that these are the maximum points you can earn. To know your CRS total, get in touch with OneClick Immigration Experts now!

  1. Core / Human Capital Factors

Factors Points per factor – With a spouse or common-law partner Points per factor – Without a spouse or common-law partner
Age 100 110
Level of education 140 150
Official languages proficiency 150 160
Canadian work experience 70 80

2. Spouse or Common-Law Partner Factors

Factors Points per factor
(Maximum 40 points)
Level of education 10
Official language proficiency 20
Canadian Work Experience 10

  1. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner factors = Maximum 500 points (with OR without a spouse or common-law partner)
  2. Skill Transfer-ability Factors (Maximum 100 points)
Education Points per factor
(Maximum 50 points)
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a post-secondary degree 50
With Canadian work experience and a post-secondary degree 50

Foreign Work Experience Points per factor
(Maximum 50 points)
With good/strong official languages proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB] level 7 or higher) and foreign work experience 50
With Canadian work experience and foreign work experience 50

Certificate of Qualification (for people in trade occupations) Points per factor
(Maximum 50 points)
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a certificate of qualification 50
  1. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner + C. Transferability factors = Maximum 600 points
  2. Additional points (Maximum 600 points)
Factor Maximum points per factor
Post-secondary education in Canada 30
Arranged employment 200
PNP Nomination 600
French language ability Max 30 points
Sibling in Canada Max 15 points

Grand Total of All Sections of Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) = 1200

Canada’s Express Entry Draws and CRS cut-offs 2019:

Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) declares selected candidates via express entry draw once in every 15 days. Candidates scoring highest CRS scores are issued Invitation To Apply (ITA). One can also get nomination (and later nomination certificate) from any province of Canada. For this, one has to meet extra eligibility criteria mentioned by any particular province. Candidates having an insufficient CRS score can wait for the next Express Entry draw or go for options such as getting a better CRS by improving their credentials or simply applying through Provincial Nominee Program i.e. PNP. Provincial Nomination is a great way to boost your CRS score and is makes your selection process faster.

For the finest assistance in applying to the most suitable PNP pathways or Express Entry directly in 2019, it is highly advisable to consult a Visa expert who can help you through the process. Check your eligibility today and find out which program is the best for you and how to go forward with filing your PR application.

Check your eligibility today by getting in touch with our Immigration Executives at  +91 9821533309.

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