Canada PR for Indian Dentist 2019

Know the requirement and procedure to apply for canada Immigration From India 2019

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Canada PR for Indian Dentist 2019

Canada is an excellent economy to excel career wise. Specifically for Dentist professionals, there is a wide scope of climbing higher on your career ladder. Not only does Canada have very diverse opportunities and growing economy, it also has a very liberal government that offers bundle of perks and facilities to its Permanent Residents. A huge population of people from all over the world immigrate to Canada every year and start their dream lives. The country has following advantages in store for you if you are a Dentist by profession with required level of proficiencies in education and language:

Advantages of immigrating to Canada as a Dentist

  • Canada is one huge liberal country with 10 big provinces to explore. Each province is unique in terms of economy set up and facilities to skilled immigrants.
  • The country offers immigrants the chance to join its large immigrant communities. You will get to meet Indians probably at every street turn in Canada!
  • Canada has a very diverse economy with multiple rooms for career advancement.
  • Finding a job in Canada is relatively easy if you have the right education and qualification at your disposal.
  • All Canada Permanent Residents gets to enjoy various social, health and financial benefits from the government of Canada.
  • Being a Permanent Resident of Canada means having a legal access to free education, free healthcare and protection under the law and order of Canada nation.
  • Canada is a safe country and thus you can move to the country along with your family. The best part is that you need not file a separate application for accompanying family members of yours.
  • Canada has a great education system. The country homes many top rated universities that offers world-class education there.
  • There is literally no cost involved in your immigration procedure. You just need to pay to CIC the Canada immigration application fee which is applicable on your PR visa and few other formalities before officially enter Canada.
  • Canada already has a very large Indian community happily settled. They are very accommodating of new immigrants. Moving to Canada will just be like going to another part of India, except for having a very high standard of living.
  • Canada has a huge demand for Indian dentists who are having enough work experience and skilled enough to become a Permanent Resident of the country.

These benefits are rare to get anywhere else in world. Even the most developed and strongest economy of United States does not offer services of free healthcare and child allowances to its immigrant residents. Canada is therefore a hot choice among immigration lookers.

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Canada Immigration Application Process for Dentists 2019

Canada has one systematic pathway for those willing to permanently settle in the country. Before you go on to apply for immigration to Canada, you need to know how the process works so that no room for error will be there. The first thing to know about Canada immigration is that it offers multiple pathways and programs to enter Canada. Seizing down, there are two main pathways for Professionals like Dentist to immigrate to Canada.

  • Express Entry for Indian Dentists

Canada’s Express Entry is a federal pathway to immigrate in shortest time. It works on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System which is responsible for allotting points to skilled applicants. To get selection from Canada, make sure to score as high as you can. Scores are based on your age, educational, experience earned and language abilities. Express Entry is one of the most popular immigration pathways into Canada. As a Dentist, there are two streams of Express Entry that allows you to immigrate:

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is program for applicants with high expertise and skills in few laid down professionals. The program allows people to move to Canada with basic educational, language and work experience requirements. Selection is made on the basis of a draw that is conducted by CIC once in every 15 days.

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Occupation in-Demand Stream

The occupation in-demand stream has been introduced lately keeping in mind the rising demand in Canada for skilled professionals. You can apply for immigration to Canada through the OID stream and move to the country even without any valid job offer from Canadian employers/firms. This stream is particularly beneficial for those Indian dentists who intend to start their own practice in Canada. You will however, need settlement plan and funds related documents to showcase that you have sufficient money to support yourself and your accompanying family for a period of at least 3 months.

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  • Provincial Nomination Program for Indian Dentists

Provincial Nomination Programs are immigration programs for skilled applicants who are willing to move into specific province or territory of Canada. If you have a particular province in mind where you would like to immigrate and start your practice, then it is wise to apply through a PNP. For instance, the province of British Columbia has a very high demand for dentists. You can apply to British Columbia PNP if the province suits your immigration desires. The PNP application submission process is similar to that of the Express Entry program. PNP further has two pathways through which you can immigrate to the maple leaf country:

PNP Express Entry Pathway

PNP Express Entry means Express Entry aligned PNP streams through which a candidate can arrange for a nomination from any province of choice. Just like the Express Entry Federal Skilled Worker path, PNPs also offer this route for those professionals who are qualified enough and have ample work experience. After getting nomination from a province, the candidate becomes eligible to get 600 CRS and thus a quick Invitation To Apply.

PNP Occupation in-Demand Pathway

Another option that PNP offer is again the occupation in demand stream. In this case, provinces offer immigration opportunities to applicants who are needed by the economy owing to labour shortages. Provinces like Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba along with British Columbia have a high demand for Dentists. So it is possible for you to get selected for immigration to these provinces if you apply now without any delay. You will have to present Proof of Funds and settlement plan before you are officially allowed to enter Canada as a Permanent Resident.

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How to Apply for Canada Immigration in 2019 as a Dentist?

Applying to Canada Immigration involves few technical hitches that may not show up initially, but you are sure to face them eventually. It is therefore better to take professional help and consultation to ensure that you are not wasting your valuable time and money. Also note that if you apply on your own and provided any misleading information, false claims or fake documents, then CIC has the right to ban you from entering Canada straight for 5 years. Contact us to know details on Immigration process for dentists.

Canada Immigration process requires the following steps in order:  

  • Firstly, prepare a fresh Express Entry profile on the IRCC website online. Provide the relevant information like age, educational qualification, work experience skills, language ability etc. Have the documents ready to support the information you have provided.
  • Based on the information you have submitted, you will be given a CRS score which will decide your rank in the pool among other candidates.
  • Register for Job bank and try to get a Job (not mandatory)
  • For OID stream, look up the NOC list and find out where your occupation is in high demand and apply accordingly.
  • Once this is done, repeat the process for filing to PNP.
  • If your CRS score lies in the cut-off declared by Express Entry draw, then you will get an ITA.
  • Within 60 days post getting ITA, you need to submit your documents so that your PR visa can be issued to you.

Popular Job Profiles in Canada inviting skilled individuals:

Canada is a huge nation having 10 provinces. Each province is acknowledged for different type of Job market and skill requirement. Some has vacancies for teachers and some are looking for immigrants with skills in Management.

Following are the popular Job profile in different provinces of Canada for 2019:
  1. Job opportunities for Nurses in 2019 : The job market for this profile is highly in demand in Nova Scotia. (Read More)
  2. Employment for Indian Dentist in 2019: It is a highly lucrative position in four provinces: – Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Manitoba. (Read More)
  3. Position for Chartered Accountants in 2019: The Job Market for this profile is highly in demand for provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. (Read More)
  4. Work availability for Software Engineers in 2019: The Job Market for this profile is highly in demand in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario. (Read More)
  5. Hiring for Doctors in 2019: Employment opportunities for Doctors are prolifically present in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Ontario. (Read More)
  6. Jobs for Indian lawyers in 2019: The Job market for this profile is highly in demand in Provinces like Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. (Read More)
  7. Canada visa for Teachers in 2019: The Job Market for this profile is highly in demand in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. (Read More)
  8. Listings for Web Developer in 2019: The Job Market for this profile is highly in demand in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. (Read More)
  9. Sales Representative Highly Demand in Canada in 2019 : A decent Sales Representative can make a business effective, which is the reason they are the absolute most sought after specialists in Canada. (Read More)
  10. HR professionals are in great demand under NOC code 0112 HR Managers. If you are willing to work and settle in a lucrative destination like Canada, then file your applications with Oneclcik immigrations now! (Read More)

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