Canada Provincial Nominee Program Without Job Offer 2019

Know how to migrate to Canada under PNP Program Without having a Job Offer in 2019.

Canada (Provincial Nominee Program) PNP Visa without Job Offer 2019

Canada has a huge immigration system with over 60 different immigration programs. Presently, only skilled programs are taking invites for PR visa so that labour gap in the Job market of Canada can be complied with. The most popular program among these skilled programs is the Express Entry Program.  Express Entry in 2019 has been considered the most popular pathway ever since it began in the year 2015. Nevertheless, if you are unable to be eligible for Express Entry program in 2019, there are similar programs called the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that also runs identical to Express Entry. PNPs are great programs for a faster and hassle-free immigration to Canada and that too without a Job offer. There are few provinces that requires you to have a Job but in the below section we have discussed those provincial programs through which you can immigrate without a Job offer.

First let us understand what are provincial programs? The Provincial Nomination Programs or PNPs are programs that seek skilled immigrants with appropriate levels of education, experience and language skills. These programs aim to nominate these skilled workers to fill demand of local labour in the economy and thrive for betterment of the province.

If you happen to have all the eligibility criteria met at the time of submitting application, then any province can nominate you and you get extra 600 Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) for that. Getting a nomination from a province is actually very worthy as it amplifies your chances of selection in the subsequent draws.

How to get selected for Provincial Nomination without having a Job Offer in 2019?

As mentioned above, not all provinces accept immigrants without a valid job offer from the country. There is a long list of provinces in 2019 that will only invite you if you are having an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) approved Job offer from an employer operating in the province. However, there are three such provinces which are not only popular among immigration lookers but also have minimal eligibility requirements. These three provinces will consider your age, education, skills and language ability criteria and does not require you to hold a job offer letter at all.  The nomination programs through which these popular provinces provide you nomination without a job offer are called:

  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

Immigrating to Saskatchewan without Job offer in 2019:

Saskatchewan is a Canadian province having a population of over 1.1 million, with Regina, the capital city, counting roughly 240,000 and Saskatoon, the largest city, having a population of 300,000. It is considered the sunniest province in Canada, averaging 2,000 to 2,500 hours of sunshine annually. Historically, Saskatchewan is a captive place to one’s attention because of the availability of ample pieces of fertile land. Today, the factor that made the province attractive is its fast-growing modern economy.

The province of Saskatchewan invites skilled workers in the province through its popular nomination program called SINP. The program has reasonable requirements as terms for eligibility. The following are the basic requirements needed to qualify for the occupation in-demand sub-category:

  • Legal documents validating resident status
  • A minimal score of 4 Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in IELTS examination
  • At least one year of education and training in post-secondary education from a Canadian equivalent recognized educational institution.
  • At least one-year of paid work experience in the past ten years related to the relevant field of education or training, in a highly-skilled occupation (NOC 0, A, or B)
  • License proof of professional operation in Saskatchewan
  • Evidence of sufficient funds needed to settle in Saskatchewan
  • At least 60 points out of 100 in the point grade system of the province

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Immigrating to Quebec without Job offer in 2019:

This French province of Canada is a beautiful place and therefore known as “la belle province” (the beautiful province) among its locals. Quebec is Canada’s largest province and home to more than 8.2 million people. It is a vibrant multicultural province, often earning it recognition as the “Europe of North America”. You must also be aware that Canada is a bi-lingual country with both English and French as its primary languages. Quebec is the only province in Canada whose official language is French. The capital city is called the Quebec City, which has a population of nearly 800,000. Quebec is also home to Canada’s second largest city, and the second largest French speaking city in the world, Montreal (more than four million people).

Quebec’s provincial program called QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program) has its own eligibility requirement set. These requirements are:

  • Legal documents validating resident status
  • A minimal score of 4 Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) in English/ French
  • At least one year of education and training in post-secondary education from a Canadian equivalent recognized educational institution.
  • At least one-year of paid work experience in the past ten years related to the relevant field of education or training, in a highly-skilled occupation (NOC 0, A, or B)
  • License proof of professional operation in Saskatchewan
  • Evidence of sufficient funds needed to settle in Saskatchewan
  • At least 60 points out of 100 in the point grade system of the province

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Immigrating to Nova Scotia without Job offer in 2019:

Nova Scotia is one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada with population of nearly 1 million people. Nova Scotia’s largest city and its political capital, Halifax has a population of over 400,000 people. It is also one of Canada’s major seaports and a main gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. In earlier times when the majority of people arrived in Canada by boat, Halifax’s Pier 21 was the place where nearly all immigrants to Canada first landed, making it an important landmark for Canadian immigration in 2019 and beyond. This lush green province of Canada is located on Canada’s east coast. Nova Scotia is also home to Canada’s oldest African-Canadian community.

Here is a list of requirements you need to fulfil if you want to move to Nova Scotia without a job offer:

  • You should ideally be between 18-49 years of age.
  • You should score the minimum required in language proficiency (IELTS/CLB)
  • You should have a minimum of 1 year of work experience in your designated work field.
  • A Canadian diploma or certification or an international equivalent of the same.
  • You must have a positive intention of living and working in Nova Scotia.

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