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Social benefits of Canada Permanent Resident Visa

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Benefits of Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada Permanent Resident Visa is your ticket to permanently settle in Canada. It allows you to live and work anywhere in the country. The status of Permanent Resident also makes you eligible to attain various governmental and social benefits available for Permanent Resident Visa holders. Your PR card is a proof that you are living in Canada on legal terms and can fully enjoy the following legal rights and social benefits in the country.

Legal benefits of Canada Permanent Resident Visa

  • Right to be a legal civilian of the country
  • Right to gain education/ study anywhere in the country
  • Right to gain employment/work anywhere in the country
  • Right to leave and re-enter to the country
  • Right to have access to health facilities & schemes available to general public
  • Right to apply for Citizenship after spending 3 consecutive years in the country
  • Right to move to Mexico under NAFTA agreement
  • Right to sponsor your relatives & friends in the country

Social benefits of Canada Permanent Resident Visa


a) Great Economy to start your life afreshCanada is the second largest country with 10 huge provinces moving fast towards development. If you are skilled person, the Canadian economy has a lot to offer you! You can choose your home in Canada depending on your skills and expertise. Like the Nova Scotia province has skilled opportunities in service sector. Likewise, the province of British Columbia has huge demand for labours proficient in manufacturing sector. In Canada at large, IT sector professionals are much in demand thus attracting large chunk of IT workers in the country. Thus, if you wish to flourish in your profession, Canada is a great place to start over.

b)Free Healthcare Services offered by Canadian government: Canada offers free healthcare amenities and its Permanent Residents. It is one huge social benefit offered by the government of Canada as even a fully-developed nation like United States does not have such healthcare benefits. Thus your PR visa makes you earn the world class health facilities and that too free of cost! Not only you but your family members can avail this benefit too. Canada’s health sector is said to be the most advanced and developed one as all modern health conveniences are accessible in the country. People from across the world visit Canada to get these healthcare services.

c)Free Education up to high schoolEducational services up to 12th standard are free in Canada. This is one important social benefit for immigrants as in semi-developed countries like India, education costs a fortune. However in Canada, you need not spend a single penny on your child’s education up to 12th standard after gaining status of a Permanent Resident. The world class education of Canada is also one attraction point for foreign students. There are many well-known universities in Canada that offers best education around the world. For example, University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Queens University and more.

d)Large number of Indian ImmigrantsCanada is the top pick among Indians when it comes to permanently settle overseas with family. A large chunk of immigrants from Indian origin are living in Canada. That is why you will feel very homely in Canada. Majority of Indian families are happily settled in the Winnipeg city of Manitoba province and in the Capital city of Ontario. Huge population is also residing in provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Other than Indian families, you will get to see and meet immigrants from around the world. The Canadian soil offers tremendous infrastructure, public-friendly government policies and freebies in terms of health and education making Canada the best choice for settling.

e)Free allowances for children born in Canada: The Government of Canada has a provision for all those children born inside Canadian territories. A sum of CAN$ 800 per month is provided by government of Canada to legal Parents of every child born in Canada. This is applicable to permanent residents of the country as well. Thus not only you, but your offspring too will be benefitted from your big step of moving to Canada!

Top 3 Benefits of Canada PR

Canada has formed into the most preferred place to immigrate.This is mainly because of many monetary and social advantages that the country provides to its PR holders. In Canada, a large Indian community is settled and many more are on their way to become PR holders.

Canadian government is very much focused on calling outsiders to settle in the country as its population is aging and there is no young workforce that can contribute to the development of Canadian economy.Presently,migrants assume a significant role in guaranteeing that Canada’s economy keeps on growing. Out of the total immigrants that settle in Canada, Indians holds the maximum concentration.

When Indians immigrates to Canada to take care of the economic growth of the country, the Canadian government also feel responsible to take care of them. Thus, the government offers many schemes and advantages to the PR holders. The following mentioned are the top 3 benefits that you get when you decide to immigrate to Canada:

1. Financial benefits:

The Canadian Government provides many money related assistance to the PR holders. This includes:

Unemployment allowances and retirement benefits:

Canada in case you face unemployment, will provide you monthly allowance of up to CAD 2,000. This guarantees that you can continue to sustain yourself even if you do not have a job. Also, many retirement benefits will be provided to you in Canada in the form of financial aids.

Child allowances:

The Canadian government also has a unique scheme of providing child allowance for very child born in Canada. So if you and your spouse is a PR holder and you conceive a child inside Canada, then you become eligible to get the child allowance of up to CAD 800 per month.

Free education:

Education is the basic necessity and Canadian government favours free education! Every child of a PR holder enjoys free education up to 12th standard. This benefit is a great monetary help as in countries like India; education expense is a huge burden.

Tax savers:

In Canada, every child will get a tax reduction limit of $400 every month dependent on your yearly pay. This benefit is assessable until the child arrives at 18 years of age. Moreover, every child of the PR holder will get $100 every month independent of the salary earned by it.

2. Social Security Benefits:

Health advantages:

Canada has a well known subsidised health services system. Many immigrants prefer Canada over any other country mainly because of the state-financed medicinal services provided to the PR holders. Canada gives state-subsidized medicinal services that empower individuals to get the quality social insurance without stressing over paying excessively.

If you see anywhere else in the world, medical expenses are burdening. Many people from the low-income group fail to get the proper medical aids just because of the cost involved. Canada on the other hand, treats every individual equally and provides free medical services and treatments to all the immigrants!


Canada has well-protected and clean conditions to live in for the PR holders. For the purpose of security, Canada has weapon and drug laws that are duly taken care of by the police force. Canada is considered one of the safest places to settle at and therefore many immigrants prefer coming & settling along with families. The country has zero racism and Indians get full protection under the Canadian law and order.

Over the years, there are many Indian societies that have formed in Canada. You can live there as you do in India and celebrate veer Indian festival like you do in your own country! You just need to keep your PR card safe with you as in any situation; you will get proper security and protection by Canadian constitution if you are a legal PR holder of the country.

Sponsored house for low pay occupants

The Canadian government will help the low-income occupants through their sponsored housing scheme. When you land in Canada as an outsider, you may find it difficult to get an accommodation. There are numerous government aidsin this case, which you can seek to get a house at low lease/rent rate.

Sponsored English lessons/classes:

Another initiative by the Canadian government for Indian PR holders is that you will be assisted with brushing your abilities in the English language, if necessary.The state run programs will give you English language classes and that too free of cost. They will assist you with preparing your resume as per the Canadian standards, direct you how to apply to Canadian firms and also provides you with other freebies such as free internet, telephone connection, fax services, etc.

3. Better Standard of living and a decent family life:

Way of life in Canada:

One of the worth noting advantages of Canada immigrationis improving one’s way of life i.e., standard of living. As per the reports of the United Nations (UN) study of human indices in 2016, Canada is at 9th rank out of 200 nations in the Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI estimates country’s economic situation and standard of living it offers to the people living there. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary were among the main five.

Therefore, if you are immigrating mainly to live a better life, then Canada is the right decision. The country has a large network of public transport, has security of people, good infrastructure and career opportunities for skilled individuals. In nutshell, Canada has all the characteristics that is required to live a good and healthy life.

Renowned Educational Institutions:

Canada has many popular schools and colleges where studies are highly subsidised. The students just need to pay the educational cost i.e., the tuition fee. Some popular universities are the McGill University, University of British Columbia and University of Toronto, etc. Canada is home to great educational institutions and henceforth, giving quality training and valuable degrees to children of PR holders. Canada gives both open and private schooling. The state funded schools are financed and you need not spend heavy on education. Thus, a PR holder need not worry about the future of their children.

Work Opportunities:

Canada has many skilled openings for the immigrants. The country since short of workforce is willing to offer job positions to immigrants coming and settling in Canada. The most popular profiles that has maximum work opportunities is the IT, medical, finance and administration.

The country has a system for immigrants to apply for a position in the Canadian before coming to the country. This system is online and called the Job bank. Through job bank, one can search for a job position.

Even though you do not want to search for the job before immigrating, Canada will allow you to file your visa. You can immigrate, explore the job market of Canada and then take up the work accordingly.

Other advantages:

Apart from these, following benefits come along with your PR:

  • A Canadian PR can travel to and from to 100 nations without acquiring a guest visa.
  • A foreigner, when settled at Canada, can enhance their business to USA also under the agreement of NAFTA. As per NAFTA, there is free trade and movement of people between countries of Canada, USA and Mexico.
  • All PR holders of Canada enjoy similar opportunity in jobs, general rights and status as that of Canadian residents.
  • After being on the Permanent Resident visa, one can also apply for Canadian Citizenship and acquire excusive citizen rights such as the right to vote.

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Permanent Resident Visa allows you to reap various legal and social benefits offered by the government of Canada. Even to become a Citizen of Canada, the initial step is becoming Permanent Resident of Canada first. A Citizen enjoys many other benefits in addition to the above rights and benefits. For example, Right to Vote and participate in government making decision is only given to a Citizen of the country.

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