Canada Immigration for Nurses 2020

Know how to immigrate to Canada as nurses from India in the year of 2020?

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Canada PR For Nurses in 2020

Canada is viewed as an attractive nation for Indians to live as it offers adecent way of living, all inclusive medicinal services, and free education up to the secondary school years. The Canadian population is welcoming and the economy is performing very well. Despite the fact that Canada is growing and developing as an economy, the country is still looking for workers from outside to conquer the employee deficiencies in the work market. It has therefore become a matter of months to make an application to immigrate to Canada.

There are over 60 visa schemes for different migration candidates- students, workers, businessmen, etc. The Family Class Program, Express Entry Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program and so forth are different classifications under which a visa candidate can apply.

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Applying as a Nurse:

Canada is a land of opportunities. Every skilled individual dreams to immigrate to this second largest country on pretext of booming economy and amazing civil liberties. Canada intakes skilled immigrants every year, as per its existing skilled labour shortages and demand for fresh foreign talent. Nursing is one such field which, along with other medical professions, is in very high demand. An increasing number of nursing professionals from India are therefore racing to apply for Canada immigration.

Nurses in Canada are hugely in demand as the health sector is rapidly expanding in Canada. Thus, there is an employee shortage right now for which the country is seeking employees from outside the country. Any Nurse or medical attendant who is keen on immigrating to Canada from India can thus apply for either a PR or a work permit visa to Canada.

As a registered Nurse in Canada, you play out the following obligations:

  • Give direct nursing to patients
  • May instruct and advise patients and their families on health related issues
  • Give drugs and medications as recommended by a doctor
  • Monitor and report side effects and changes in patients’ conditions
  • Work or check clinical devices or hardware
  • May administer other nursing staff
  • May help in medical procedure and other clinical strategies
  • Counsel the patients and their families related to health schemes
  • May set up a patient release arranging process

How to Register as a Nurse in Canada in 2020?

To qualify as an enlisted nurse in Canada, one must register either with Canadian Nursing Association or (CAN) or the Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR). The Nursing enrolment necessities in Canada are overseeing by the provincial governments in Canada and therefore you must decide first through which route you need to apply for Nursing- federal or provincial.

Canada has different visa classes to welcome the workers and students in the nation for example the federal Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, and so forth. The Express entry remains the best and quickest program to apply Canada PR for medical caretakers or nurses from India in 2020 as well.

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Express Entry Program for Nurses in 2020

The Express Entry framework is one of the most popular classification that acknowledges just the skilled specialists with Skill Level 0, A, B. The program also welcomes the Registered Nurses under the NOC Code – 3012 and Skill Level A.

Thus, with this occupation you are qualified to enrol your profile in the express entry. To apply Express Entry Program for Nurses in 2020, you should simply make your profile and acquire minimum of 67 points out of 100 under Federal Skilled Worker class. The profile need to have true and proper information about the key elements of your life, for example your age, educational qualification, work skills, language skills, and so forth.

Canada Immigration Requirements 2020

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Provincial Nomination Program for Nurses in 2020

The PNP programs are the migration projects of different regions and provinces in Canada. The PNPs are the programs by provincial government that work in a joint effort with the federal government or IRCC. Each PNP have an alternate arrangement of necessity/ eligibility.

The PNPs as a rule have less point’s necessities as compared to the EE framework. This means that it is comparatively easier to migrate to Canada as a nurse through a PNP than the federal program of express entry. Some key Provincial Nomination Program for Nurses in 2020 are SINP, AINP, MPNP, OINP, NSNP, and so on.

Canada offering Work Permit to Nurses

In case you are not ready to move to Canada permanently as you do not have a valid experience, then you may consider applying for a Temporary Nursing Permit. The work permit to Canada for nurses is valid for 2 years. As a working professional in the field of nursing, you can earn up to CAD 18/ hour.

In the recent speculations, it is said that the country of Canada will be inviting nurses for the residency, in huge numbers. As a licensed nurse or a nurse aide you can earn from about CAD$41,438 in Canada.If you hold a valid experience in nursing, then you can earn up to CAD$128,700!

On a work permit, you can stay in Canada and work on a temporary basis. You can judge and experience the working conditions and pay scales being offered at different provinces through this visa type. When you have your Temporary Nursing Permit you will have the option to work in a Canadian health institution/foundation/ centre and proceed with your registration procedure. Once registered, you can later apply for a permanent visa as well.

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Benefits of Canada PR Visa for Nursing

Following mentioned are few benefits that one gets from applying to Canada PR:

  • One of the Canada PR Visa Benefits is health and security. The IRCC and Canadian Law support those holding the Permanent Residence Visa status in Canada. This is one of the top reasons why Canada makes the ideal country for immigrants.
  • There is a propelled social framework in Canada particularly for those who do not hold any employment as the government provides unemployment allowances. There are benefits like free university education, health care benefits, allowances for new born in Canada and so forth.
  • Once you are a PR in Canada, you may support your family members that are qualified by sponsoring them and calling them to Canada to live with you.
  • After spending a long time in Canada, the PR Visa holders can apply for Citizenship. Notwithstanding, there is a particular time span that you need to remain inside the nation like 4 years or so. Citizenship gives one the right to vote in the country and take part in the government making process!
  • One can be a part of the steady economy and work in industries/ areas including Manufacture, Health, travel, administration industry, aviation, IT, etc. the job market in Canada is very welcoming and pays a good remuneration.
  • Canada is a blend of different societies. You can meet Indians and people from other parts of the country living in houses at very street of the country. This empowers you to think about different societies and offer your way of life as well. It is an incredible spot to grow, learn and adapt new things in your life.

Nova Scotia Immigration for Nurses in 2020

To match the rising requirement of skilled nurses for healthcare, Nova Scotia has regularly been recruiting nurses from all over the world. The province offers attractive career advancements and opportunity to settle and work in the province’s healthcare industry. Nova Scotia has one of the biggest healthcare systems in Canada. It is therefore regarded as a hub of gainful employment for Nurses.

To apply for Nova Scotia PNP as an well-experienced nurse, you need minimum 1 year to 3 years of working experience and a minimum qualification degree of at least bachelors’ or a Master’s degree in nursing.

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