Canadian Experience Class Program 2019

Apply for Canadian permanent residency visa under Experience Class Program 2019.

The Canada Experience Class pathway to Immigrate to Canada in 2019

People who have worked in Canada and who wish to settle for all time in Canada with their dependants may meet all requirements to apply for Permanent Residence under the Canadian Experience Class.

Canada Experience Class program perceives the advantages to Canada by applicants who have invested their time in understanding Canada be it for examinations or working in Canada. It perceives their commitments to the Canadian economy and the making of solid connects to Canadian culture.

Eligibility Requirements for Canadian Experience Class

Qualification for permanent living arrangement under this class is evaluated on few essential criteria which are:

  1. Canadian Work experience:

Applicant has procured a year of permanent work experience in an occupation arranged as Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B of the National Occupation Classification (NOC). Qualifying occupations are those of an administrative, expert, specialized or skilled nature. The qualifying Canadian work experience must be procured inside the three years promptly going before the date of use;

  1. Qualifying work Skills:

Qualifying work skills must be full time and skilled in nature. “Full-time” alludes to 30 hours out of every week. Low maintenance work will be considered, yet just on a pro rata premise. For instance, a half year in low maintenance talented position at 15 hours out of every week will consider three months towards the required 12 months. Different simultaneous low maintenance occupations can likewise be utilized to meet the experience necessity.

Any work encounter gained in Canada without substantial work approval won’t be considered. Nor will times of independent work or work skills picked up while the applicant was enlisted in a program of full-time contemplate.

  1. Language capability:

Least capability must be shown in each of the four dialect capacities, specifically: Reading; writing; speaking and listening. Candidates whose qualifying work skills is in an occupation classified as NOC Skill Type 0 or Skill Level, must meet Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7. Candidates whose qualifying work skills is in an occupation classified as NOC Skill Level B must meet CLB level 5.

Canadian Experience Class Points Calculator

Canadian Experience Class Points Calculator is the best method to know your qualification for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) stream under Express Entry. The Canadian Experience Class Program is for those Canada Immigration aspirants who have 1-year work involvement in Canada.

This Canada migration program permits such experienced specialists to get Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Visa all the more effectively and helpfully. Prior to 2015, the applications under the Canadian Experience Class were managed by the first come, first-served framework. Be that as it may, from 2015, Canadian Experience Class applications are overseen under the Canada Express Entry Immigration Selection System.

Applying through Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Benefits:

Now what are the benefits to apply through Canadian Experience Class (CEC) stream of economic migration to Canada? Read on to find out:

  • A Canadian Experience Class applicant has effectively one-year Canadian Work Experience. This factor is extremely valuable under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), and it gives the hopefuls a favourable position and makes them more qualified than other ones in the pool.
  • It requires fewer archives/ documentation requirements in contrast with different streams, which realizes the quicker application handling (inside 3 to 4 months).
  • Canadian Experience Class does not need any Proof of assets/funds to be showcased.

The Canadian Experience Class is a perfect program for people who have gotten comfortable with life in Canada and who wish to resettle here. For qualifying applicants, it is a convenient and secure choice for acquiring residency in Canada for a permanent living arrangement, with target criteria. Besides, the application can be produced inside Canada, while the hopeful has proper transitory status. To put it plainly, it enables a consistent change from temporary to permanent status in Canada.

Apply for Canadian Experience Class (CEC) with Oneclick Visas!

Canada is among the top countries on the planet to settle all because of the individual growth opportunities, fine work openings and the flawless foundation that it has. With work arrangements accessible for everyone, an ever increasing number of individuals from India are relocating to Canada. CEC is a special class for skilled applicants who have tasted the country before. You should also know that CEC is a stream under Express Entry pathway available for people with Canadian experience.

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