List of Documents Required for Canada PR 2019

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List of Documents Required for Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India 2019

Documentation is an essential step in your Canada immigration process in 2019. This is because any deviation in your documents with the information you submitted in your PR application will be regarded as ‘Misrepresentation’. It is a serious crime to lie, or to send false information or documents, to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This fraudulent activity called “misrepresentation’’ is often fined by IRCC that may include banning the candidate from coming to Canada straight for 5 years. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the documents you are going to submit are fair by all means and are up-to-date at the time of filing your Permanent Residence Visa in 2019.

In fact, one should always take up consultation from a professional immigration consultant that can help you comply with all the documentation requirements of 2019 besides making sure that you are furnishing the right information to Canadian authorities.

To avoid any delays and errors, one must start by preparing a document checklist for 2019 for gathering complete portfolio of documents at one place. This will help you to go submit your documents within the stipulated time. Post receiving invitation letter (Invitation To Apply or ITA), applicants are required to submit all the documents asked by CIC within 60 calendar days of being issued an invitation to apply (ITA). A personalized document checklist 2019 is produced for each candidate when they submit their e-APR application.

In case you fail to submit your complete documentation in 2019 within 60 days, then your ITA will become void and you have to re-start your Canada Immigration Process from the very first step.

documents required for Canada pr from india2019

Below is the Document checklist for 2019 that CIC may asked you to furnish before granting a Permanent Resident Visa 2019. The mentioned documents are mandatory (if applicable) and must be provided by all applicants within stipulated time period:

Document Checklist for Canada Permanent Resident Visa 2019:

  • Proof of studies (Educational qualification proof- degree(s), marksheet(s), etc.)
  • Proof of funds (Bank Statements and other liquid assets)
  • Adoption certificate (if applicable)
  • Provincial or territorial Nomination certificate (if applicable)
  • Letter of offer from the employer/ Job offer letter from Canada (if any)
  • Evidence of common-law union and cohabitation
  • Marriage certificate (if married)
  • Divorce certificate and legal separation agreement (if separated)
  • Your Passport or Travel Document (Intro pages of Passport)
  • Your English/French language test results (IELTS, CELPIP, or TEF)
  • Your Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) report
  • Your personal reference code
  • Express Entry Profile number (issued to you at the time of Express Entry Profile submission)
  • Job seeker validation code (issued to you at the time of Express Entry Profile submission)
  • Medical examination confirmation (Medical test report by authorised panel of physicians’)
  • Proof of work experience (Work experience/ Job training certification on Company’s letterhead)
  • Character certification
  • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from home country or any other country where you have lived for a period exceeding 6 months
  • Age proof such as Birth Certificate
  • Other documents as and when required by the authorities

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What are the most imperative Documents Required by CIC in 2019?

  1. Identity Proof Documents:

You should give evidence of your identity via:

  • 2 worthy photographs of your head and shoulders
  • your international ID or authentication of character
  1. Character Certificate:

Candidates for visas must be of good character. You may need to supply a police testament (or comparative) as proof of good character, contingent upon which visa class you apply under. In the event that you don’t meet character necessities your visa will be declined.

  1. English Necessities:

The candidate needs to give proof of English dialect capacity. As the primary candidate you need to compile International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – General module and score of 6 groups in every module (minimum).

In case that you are not scoring 6 groups in every module, you are still be qualified for Canada PR visa through a right PNP program.

  1. Proof of Health:

In case you’re applying for a Canada PR visa, you may need to get a chest x-ray as well as restorative testament as confirmation of your great wellbeing. X-ray is utilized to check for tuberculosis (TB) and therapeutic reviews to check for other medicinal conditions.

  1. Verification of work experience:

To demonstrate each work skill you have acquired over the years you need to submit documents like:

  • Employment offer Letter
  • Arrangement letter
  • Advancement letter
  • Pay slip
  • Reference letter (affirm that you worked for organization.) and so on.

In the event that your past work experience is from Canada, the duplicate of confirmation may incorporate T4 impose data slips and notification of appraisal issued by the Canada Revenue Agency.

  1. Verification of studies:

You should present your educational records to demonstrate that you meet the program prerequisites regarding education. In case that it is discovered that the candidate has gained in excess of 50 percent of his/her training by means of separation taking in, the candidate ought not be granted extra Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points; the application will be denied as per A11.2. It additionally changes as indicated by college to college.

  1. Authentication of Provincial Nomination (if any):

This record is requested just in case the candidate determines that they have a nomination or regional declaration of nomination. A duplicate of that endorsement certification is required to be submitted.

  1. Letter of Job offer from the Canadian employer (if any):

This record is required just if the candidate professes to have a qualifying offer of organized work in Canada.

  1. Verification of assets:

The candidate ought to outfit an authority letter(s) from at least one budgetary establishment that has arrangements of all at present in-tasks banks and venture accounts and additionally uncertain obligations, for example, charge card obligations and credits.

  1. Marriage Certificate (if Married):

This archive is asked for just when conjugal status is recorded as wedded.

Special Documents Required for Canada PR 2019:

cic documents required for canada pr 2019

For a few circumstances, you require extraordinary reports to finish your Immigration documents requirement. These special document requirements 2019 are:

Family Information Forms

You should finish one of the two Family Information Forms, IMM5707 or IMM5645, contingent upon your family status.

Restorative Exams From Panel Physician

In the event that you mean to work in wellbeing administrations, kid care, or essential or auxiliary training, you will require a therapeutic test from an endorsed doctor. You likewise require a therapeutic test if you have lived or made a trip to any of the nations with wellbeing dangers on the rundown incorporated by the Canadian government.

Advanced Photo

You should give an advanced photo. The aggregate size ought to be at least 35mm x 45mm. The photograph must demonstrate a front perspective of the make a beeline for the highest point of the shoulders, with the face amidst the photograph. The span of the head ought to be somewhere in the range of 31mm and 36mm from jaw to crown.

The advanced components of the photograph must be no less than 420 x 540 DPI. The base goals must be 600 pixels for each inch. To transfer to the Express Entry online framework 2019, the record arrangement ought to be JPEG or JPEG2000.

Misrepresentation of Documentation in 2019 process

Document misrepresentation is a serious offence in the eyes of Immigration, Refugees and Citizen Canada (IRCC). If your application is found incompetent with false claims and figures, your visa processing officer will reject your application without sending Additional Documents Requirement (ADR) or asking any further justification. This may even goes up to banning you for 5 years from Canada for misrepresentation of your application. Banning here means that you cannot apply any temporary or permanent resident visa to Canada. Canadian Global Case Management System (GCMS) keep record of application up till 10 years from the date of submission of misrepresented application.

To ensure the integrity of the country that is welcoming you and other skilled workers to settle the base, Oneclick Immigrations advice you to provide complete, truthful, and honest information in every manner when applying for Canada Permanent Resident Visa 2019 or any other visa for that matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Canada PR Visa

Question 1: What is the step-by-step procedure to apply for Canada PR?

Answer: To apply for Canada PR, one needs to follow a number of steps that leads to successful permanent residency. These steps should be performed with utmost care because any misrepresented information can result into ultimate rejection by IRCC. So when we talk about the steps, so these are:

  1. Education Assessment: Education assessment is the very first step for the Canada Immigration process. Here you get you education in your home country or in any other country assessed by the assessing authorities in Canada. There are total Seven assessing authorities and you need to chose the one suitable for you. Read More About ECA
  2. IELTS: In order to apply for Canada immigration you need to clear language test. IELTS General Training is accepted in Canada for the assessment of English language. So you need to take the test and achieve the band level requirement for you.
  3. Express Entry: Once you have completed your Education Assessment and Language test there after you move to the third step of the process and here you need to share all your educational, personal, employment, spouse details with the CIC.
  4. Job Bank: Job bank needs to be created after express entry filing. With the help of your job bank account, you can apply for jobs suitable for yourself.
  5. PNP Nomination: PNP nomination is the next step of the process. In this step you can get your application filed with any of the appropriate provincial program.
  6. ITA: Getting an invite and filing it is the next step of the process. Once you get an ITA, you have 60 days time to file your complete application with CIC . One CIC receives your complete application  after that they assess it for a maximum duration of 6 months and proceeds further with the passport submission request.
  7. Passport submission: Once IRCC assess you complete application, after that they ask you to submit you passport at the nearest VFS centre/Consulate. After that it takes 30 days to get the passport stamped with the PR for next 5 years.

Question 2: Permanent Residency in Canada: How can a married couple apply for Canada PR?

Answer: Be it a marred or a single person, Canadian PR process remains the same for both. They also needs to follow the same steps like Education assessment, IELTS examination, Express Entry filing, ITA submission etc.

Only the document requirement changes with the type of application rest all remains the same .As far documents requirement is concerned so you can consult a good immigration advisor for that. Here at Oneclick Immigration Services, we offer a wide range of services to our clients and the complete process of documentation is done by the highly professional and experienced advisors.

Question 3: Should I apply for Canada PR or Express Entry through a consultant or on my own?

Answer : Applying for Canada PR is your own call completely. If you are puzzled between if you should apply for Canada PR with the help of the consultants or on your own, Than being a immigration advisor I would say that you must get your application processed smoothly with the help of the immigration advisor/ consultant. They know the process bit by bit and will keep things simple for you.

Question 4: How do I get a police clearance certificate in order to apply for Canada PR?

Answer : Getting a police clearance certificate is a major part of the process. Anyone with criminal background should not apply for the same. Police clearance certificate is applicable from all the countries where you have lived for a period of 6 months or more. Obtaining a PCC depends purely on the country’s criteria. You need to check with the embassy of that particular country and apply for the PCC accordingly.

Question 5: What are the minimum IELTS bands required for Canada PR?

Answer : Language exam is one of the mandatory criteria for Canada immigration which is considered as  a milestone of the process. Anyone who is willing to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker, needs to appear for the exam and achieve the required bands in the same.For Canada immigration process, IELTS bands requirement is different than other countries. The minimum band requirement is 6 bands in each module but it varies profile to profile as well.

Question 6: How can I do my educational credential assessment from India, to apply for Canada PR?

Answer : Education Assessment is the first step of the immigration process for Canada. There are total seven assessing authorities in Canada:

  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • World Education Services
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service of Canada
  • International Credential Evaluation Service
  • Medical Council of Canada
  • Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada
  • Comparative Education Service

If we talk about the difference, than there is no such difference in the education assessment done by these organisations. Each of the assessing authority follow its own set of norms for assessing a particular education. These organization take from 20 working days to 12 week time for the education assessment. Their charges also vary. All of the seven assessing authorities assessment is accepted internationally.  Out of all, World Education Services has the fastest assessment procedure i.e. 20 working days.

Question 7: Does it make sense for a Java lead developer earning 20 lac to apply for Canada PR through the express entry program? How will I get a job from India?

Answer :  There are a number of profiles available in Canada. Whatever profile you are into, you can simply calculate the price of INR and price of CAD and you will have the answer with you. Getting a PR does not only gives you a good professional opportunity, but also makes you eligible to avail other social, medical, educational and many other benefits. So keeping in mind all those points, applying for a PR and getting it looks lucrative.

Question 8: I am from India, IT Professional and I applied for Canada PR and its still in process. Now can my spouse apply for student visa now at Canada?

Answer : As you are a married person, and have already applied for Canada PR than your spouse cannot apply for the student visa when your application is in process. Its not possible to apply under multiple programs at the same time. She will be able to apply for the Study program once your application gets processed positively or negatively.