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Know what is the minimum IELTS band required for Canada Immigration in 2020?

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IELTS Points Required For Canada PR

Know how much score you are getting in the Language Proficiency Test out of 24 Points in IELTS for the year of 2020. You can Calculate your IELTS points in the below mentioned calculator:

Marital Status
Is Your spouse is able to give the IELTS Exam? Yes No
Your past study in Canada Yes No
Your spouse or partner's past study in Canada Yes No
Your past work in Canada Yes No
Your spouse or common-law partner's past work in Canada Yes No
Arranged Employment in Canada Yes No
Relatives In Canada Yes No
Calculate IELTS (Minimum Band is 6 in Each)

What is IELTS Test?

IELTS test is the most popular English language-testing test for a lawful immigration to an English nation like Canada, Australia, UK, US, etc. IELTS was originally set up in 1989 and since then, the test has moved up to become one of the most required English language test for both study as well immigration visas.

IELTS is one among the three tests that the Canada authority and Canadian universities accepts. IELTS is the most preferred one for which thousands of aspirants appear every year. The other two known tests are Test d’Evaluation Du Francais (TEF) and Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP).

IELTS concludes your English language capabilities in terms of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). So your scores are measured in CLB. Applicants, who apply for IELTS tests, must aim for a CLB 8 or above to get good immigration score (CRS scores), by performing better in language aptitude score. This is a normal least IELTS Score for possibility to score better and to clear your path for Canada Express Entry selection in 2020.

Since Canada has separate scores for applicants’ language skills, it is very essential to get a high IELTS score in order to improve your chances of visa approval.

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Why IELTS Exam is Required for Canada Immigration?

IELTS test is required for the purpose of immigration as well study, work, etc. in any English talking nations. It is the main English Language Test affirmed by the English countries for visa candidates applying for temporary or permanent visa type.

Many of our clients come to us and ask whether IELTS is a mandatory test or not. Yes, IELTS is mandatory to be able to immigrate. Not only appearing for the exam but to excel is important. You have to show a decent understanding and aptitude of the English language in order to immigrate on a PR, work permit or a study visa.

canada immigartion in 2020

For those seeking study visas, some college probably won’t require IELTS scores. In any case, note that if you had not appeared for IELTS for a particular college, your odds of getting the visa may suffer, as the visa officials may not be persuaded about your English capability without IELTS scores. Also, if you fail to get admission in that particular college, then you have to repeat the cycle of visa processing to include IELTS.

For those seeking immigration visas, it is very much important for you to appear for IELTS and score as much as possible. Your language scores are highly capable of improvement and thus you can improve your chances of immigration just by getting a good IELTS score. So it is always more secure to show up for IELTS and intend to score in a good group of marks, say CLB 7-9.

You can take the IELTS test with the British Council or IDP up to once per week (four times each month). The British Council and IDP worldwide calendar for test dates are 48-days/ year.

Classification of IELTS Exams

IELTS test is of types: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. The academic test, as the name suggests, is for study visa applicants. The general training exam is for every other person seeking temporary visa (such as work permits) or permanent visa (such as PR visa).

Listening and speaking parts of both academic and general training are the same. However, the topic for the reading and writing segments are distinctive relying upon which test one takes. The Reading, Writing and Listening areas of the IELTS tests are finished around the same time and can be appeared for without any breaks between them. Nonetheless, the Speaking segment can be finished either seven days prior or after and needs a different test date. Thus, you need a full day and few hours of another day to complete your test fully.

Within weeks’ time, your results will come. The results have the validity of 2 years and hence you must give your IELTS only when you are about to start with your PR/Study visa application filling.

The IELTS exam is divided into four sections of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Following table will explain you the time duration as well as activities you will face for each section:

IELTS Test ComponentDurationBrief Description
Listening30 minutes4 sections, 40 items
Reading60 minutes3 sections, 40 items
Writing60 minutes3 tasks
Speaking11-14 minutes3 part one-on-one conversation

Format for IELTS Test:

IELTS test a lengthy 2-day test. As already mentioned, depending on your purpose to appear for the test i.e., study visa or immigration, you can choose between academic and general training test of IELTS.

To test your English language proficiency, the IELTS test will test you in 4 major areas, which are:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

ielts test modules

IELTS Listening Test

  • The IELTS Listening test is same for both academic and general training. The test will last for the time period of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you will get additional 10 minutes to record your responses on the response sheet.
  • In the listening module, you will have to answer specific asked questions based on the recorded monologs and discussions by local speakers. You will be asked about your primary understanding of the recorded monolog and conclusions and demeanours of speakers.
  • Basically in the listening test, your capacity to comprehend the motivation behind what is said and capacity to follow the progress of thoughts and answer is the right way is judged.
  • Knowing how to listen in English is important so that you can be a part of social gatherings and office discussions/school assignments and gel in the English speaking society of Canada.


The IELTS Listening test comprises of four areas:

  • Segment 1: A discussion between two individuals set in a regular social setting, for example a discussion in a coffee shop.
  • Segment 2: A monolog set in a regular social setting, for example a conversation while asking about a nearby market.
  • Segment 3: A discussion between up to four individuals set in an office or school, for example a discussion about deadlines in an office meeting or deadline of a school assignment yet to be submitted.
  • Segment 4: A monolog on a subject, for example a college debate or office presentation.

IELTS Reading Test

  • The IELTS Reading test is an easier module and takes about an hour to complete. It comprises of 40 questions in total. These questions are a mix of both long and short questions and are designed in a way to check your reading capabilities.
  • This section has long and short parts to read both in academic and general training tests. The IELTS reading test has three long paras, which run from the clear and authentic to the verbose and expository. The writings are taken from books, newspaper, diaries, and magazines. These paras may also be original.
  • The IELTS general training reading test has reading parts from commercials, organization handbooks and news pieces. These materials are what you probably going to experience in your every day English talking in Canada.

ielts reading test

IELTS Writing Test

The IELTS writing test is also an hour-long test having two sections. Subjects are of general writing assignments. Both your vocabulary and speech is checked in this module of the test. The two sections will ask you the following:

Section 1: In this section, you will be given a chart, table, or graph and you will be asked to write depicting or clarify the data given in these figures, in your own words. You might also be expected to write an article explaining the changes shown in the figures. You will be given a data and requested to compose a letter clarifying the given data. The letter should be semi-formal or formal in style.

Section 2: In the second section, you will be asked to compose a piece of writing based on recent news or any hot topic. In this section, applicants tend to overuse the glossy words and forget the simplification rule of the language. Try to be straightforward and decent in writing stuff to get a good in this section.


IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS speaking test is a short test and gets finish in about 11 to 14 minutes. The speaking test for both IELTS academic and IELTS general training is same in terms of types of questions.

IELTS speaking test is intended to evaluate your skills and proficiency in English communication. To be able to move and find a job in Canada, one must be reasonably good in the spoken English. Thus, this module is a face to face test where one officer of the testing authority will talk to you and assess you on the basis of the conversation.

The Speaking test has the following three sections:

Section 1: In this section, you will be asked to answer general inquiries about yourself, for example, about your present home, family, work, relatives and hobbies. This part will take about 5 minutes.

Section 2:Now the real test starts where you will be given a card and you will be given information on any topic. You will be given a fixed amount of time to gather ideas on that topic and get ready before presenting them. The analyst sitting in front of you can cross-question you as well.

Section 3: This section is similar to section 2. In this part of the test, you will get to talk about latest issues and put forward your thoughts& perspectives openly. This part too takes at most 5 minutes.

ielts speaking test

Canada Immigration Requirements 2020

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Minimum IELTS Scores Required for Canada PR:

Based on the above-mentioned 4 modules, you will be given a score. The minimum required points in IELTS for Canada immigration is CLB 7. However, CLB 7 is considered an average score, as there has been a swift increase in the CRS cut off. People are getting impeccable in English language through watching English movies, reading English books, through social networking, etc. and therefore almost every applicant is easily getting CLB 8 or 9.

CLB 9 score is considered a good score, which can aid you in boosting your immigration points. Applicants must aim for CLB 9 or above. Getting the following scores in each module namely, speaking, reading, writing and listening can make you gain the score of CLB 9:

  • Speaking – IELTS score of 7
  • Reading – IELTS score of 7
  • Writing – IELTS score of 7 and
  • Listening– IELTS score of 8

IELTS for Express Entry

IELTS scores plays a huge role in deciding whether the applicant will get an invitation to apply for PR visa under the Express Entry framework. With good language scores, candidates can attract quick invites (in less than 6 months).  The program of express entry requires you to have at least CLB 7 as minimum eligibility for language factor.

Express Entry is the most popular pathway to call skilled people for potential job openings in Canada. Express Entry is a point-based system that counts total immigration points of an applicant including the language scores, i.e., IELTS scores.

The system calls the high-ranking candidates to apply for the Canada PR visa. In other words, your score will decide your place in the Express Entry pool. The points are primarily given on the applicants’ age, educational qualification, work proficiency and language skills. Thus, all these factors must be present in the profile of the applicant in order to get the invite quickly.

Your Express Entry profile remains valid for a year. During that time, you should refresh your profile if conditions change, for example, your degree of training or language test results (by re-giving IELTS exam). Otherwise, you need to re make your profile.

IELTS and other Canadian Immigration Options

Candidates who are hoping to move to a specific region or province of Canada can also check IELTS and other requirements of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). PNPs allow specific Canadian domains to invite people who wish to move to Canada and work in the area for local development of the economy.

Every province in Canada has their very own Provincial Nominee Programs and each of these has their own IELTS score requirement that may or may not be the same as in case of express entry.

Each PNP has differentset of eligibility conditions. In a broader sense, PNPs has two types- a) express entry linked programs and b) independent PNP streams i.e., non-express entry programs. Since the express entry stream is lined up with Federal Express Entry System, henceforth, its IELTS score requirement is as equivalent as the EE system, i.e., CLB 7.

The IELTS necessity in independent non-express entry is different ranging from province to province. For example, the province of Manitoba requires you to have minimum language score of CLB 5 while the province of Nova Scotia requires you to have at least CLB 7. Nevertheless, there may be streams of different provinces that require same IELTS scores. For example, the Occupation in Demand (OID) stream of the province of Saskatchewan(SINP) requires CLB 4 level from the candidates, and so is the Skilled Worker Stream of MPNP (CLB 4 level).

Therefore, the IELTS score may fluctuate dependent on the PNP stream you decide to apply for.

IELTS for study visa vs. IELTS for PR visa

It should be clear by now that IELTS test has two classifications and on the basis of one’s purpose to appear for the test, any one classification can be chosen.

Two classifications as already mentioned are:

  1. IELTS for study visa purpose- academic test
  2. IELTS for PR visa/immigration purpose – general training test

The applicants have to be really careful while applying for the IELTS exam. For the purpose of immigration to Canada, CIC- the immigration authority of the country will demand the general training IELTS test. Similarly, if you are willing to move to Canada on a study visa, the authorities will ask you the academic IELTS test.

Therefore, one must be clear about the objective of both academic and general training tests of IELTS. Now let us understand why IELTS has these 2 different classifications.

IELTS academic test is more focused towards testing you as a student about to enter a foreign university. In the academic IELTS test, you will be given questions that basically test your study aptitude. On the other hand, the general training module of IELTS is specifically designed for skilled workers looking to immigrate. In the general training IELTS, questions are basically framed to test business aptitude and reports interpretation abilities of an individual.

Hence, depending on the type of visa you are interested in, you can apply for either academic or general training IELTS.

What is the Minimum IELTS Score for Canada Immigration 2020?

Canada’s immigration system is a point based framework that allocates points for various components one of which is your capability in English dialect. A highest point score equivalents to 24 points is given for most noteworthy language capability. In IELTS, in the event that one figures out how to win CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 10, it is called most excellent language capability/immaculate IELTS score. It is the perfect score.

To be qualified for Canada PR visa, you should get somewhere around 67 points out of 100 dependent on your age, educational training, work experience and language aptitudes. In this manner, having a respectable IELTS score is urgent in the case when you need to get your PR visa immediately. We hence encourage you to take our expert IELTS unit to beat your first IELTS endeavour!

The below table will give you division of points for language proficiency factor:

  1. For Express Entry Application
First official language (Maximum 24 points)
CLB LevelAbility: SpeakingAbility: ListeningAbility: ReadingAbility: WritingPoints per ability
76.06.0 –
10 and above7.5 – 9.08.5 – 9.08.0 – 9.07.5 – 9.06

2. For Canada PR visa at large

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)Without an accompanying spouse (maximum points available: 136)
For each language ability34 points
CLB 3 or lower0
CLB 46
CLB 56
CLB 69
CLB 717
CLB 823
CLB 931
CLB 10 or higher34

IELTS Exam Fee in Indian Rupees 2020

Your English language proficiency is measured on a yardstick called IELTS examination for which a candidate has to appear. IELTS is an acronym used for International English Language Testing Standards. It is a premium English language testing exam conducted pan India and consist of 4 modules namely Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. A Nominal Cost of INR 13,500 is charged for a single attempt of IELTS exam. It is therefore important to take this test rather seriously.

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Canada has different streams and pathways through which a foreign skilled person immigrates to Canada. All of these streams require the candidate to have certain level of language skills. Some streams have higher CLB requirement while other have relatively lesser requirement of language score. Let us study different pathways which have different language proficiency requirements:

Express entry and its skilled worker stream (federal skilled worker program):

Skilled Worker stream of Express Entry requires you to have the maximum language score as compared to the other streams called Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

For Express Entry, there are three language tests that are accepted. Following are the minimum score needed in each of these three language test categories:

1) The General IELTS test (English)

Minimum score needed of the most popular English proficiency test is CLB 6.0 in all 4 sections of speaking, writing, listening and reading.

2) The General CELPIP test

Minimum score needed for this newly launched test is 4L in all 4 sections of speaking, writing, listening and reading. This test currently is only available in the city of Chandigarh in India.

3) TEF: Test d’évaluation de Français (French)

This is for applicants applying through Quebec nomination or any French intake stream as in these cases; your French language ability is hugely needed. Minimum score needed in this French test in each section is:

  • Speaking: 310-348
  • Listening: 249-279
  • Reading: 207 – 232
  • Writing: 310-348

Note that the above mentioned scores are the minimum points score that are required to satisfy the eligibility. But to get selected for the immigration, you need to have a decent high score in these language tests.

In case of Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), one must meet the minimum eligibility pass of having 67 point out of 100 based on age, education, experience and language skills. Therefore, try to score as much as you can in your language skill test as this is the only factor which is in your hands and you can also appear for re-attempts to improve your overall immigration score.

Do’s and Don’ts for IELTS Examination:

  1. Do’s

  • Be determined, original and quick to respond to each and every question
  • Be full of zip on each task
  • Do preparation with sample papers of each 4 sections as much as you can
  • Be up to date, do a beforehand research or read lots of information on the Internet
  • Be Imaginative for the writing tasks in writing module
  • Discover your weak points and start improving those
  • Develop a habit of reading newspapers, blogs, articles as they will help you in day to day English
  • Build up a memory for English by start thinking in English in your mind
  • Watch English news channels, observe their linguists. TV shows and movies could help too
  • Boost your speaking, reading, writing and listening English by practicing
  • Try and incorporate new words in your day-to-day conversations
  1. Don’ts

  • Firstly and importantly, don’t be late for the examination. Reach well before time
  • You should not take be worried about your accent, examiner doesn’t give it importance
  • Don’t use too much glossy grammar while speaking
  • Avoid usage of heavy words. Be simple and straightforward
  • Remember to be focused on completing your exam, don’t worry about examiner’s opinion
  • Be authentic with your answers, don’t memorize anything
  • Be confident and avoid nervousness
  • Don’t hesitate to respond to any unknown question, attempt at least

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 2020 : IELTS Band Score For Canada Immigration

Question #1: Is IELTS necessary to go to Canada in 2020?

Answer: Language exam is one of the mandatory criteria for Canada immigration which is considered as  a milestone of the process. Anyone who is willing to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker, needs to appear for the exam and achieve the required bands in the same.

Question #2: What is the IELTS Band Score required for Canada PR 2020?

Answer: For Canada immigration process, IELTS bands requirement is different than other countries. The minimum band requirement is 6 bands in each module but it varies profile to profile as well.

Question #3: How do I prepare for IELTS for Canada Immigration through Express Entry?

Answer: For IELTS exam preparation, there are different platforms available online and offline both. To start with you can opt for any reputed learning program, But above everything, self preparation is considered the best.

Question #4: What is the IELTS exam for Canada?

Answer: IELTS stands for International Language Testing System. This is one of the criteria’s of eligibility for the Canada immigration process. IELTS exam is conducted by two authorities basically one is IDP and another is British Council. Both the authorities have the same exam pattern, so one can chose either authorities.

Question #5: What is the next step after getting 7.5 in IELTS in Canada PR?

Answer: There is no fixed band requirement. Options can be explored on the basis of program availability at the moment. 6 Bands in each module is the minimum band requirement under Express Entry program. So the more you score will lead to more options availability for you.

Question #6: Which test is better for Canada, IELTS or PTE?

Answer: IELTS exam is applicable for Canada immigration process. Apart from this, one can also appear for CELPIP i.e. Canada English Language Proficiency Index Program. SO, you can appear for either IELTS or CELPIP.

Question #7: What is the minimum IELTS score for Canada Immigration?

Answer: The minimum IELTS band requirement for Canada is 6 bands in each module. It will also vary profile to profile so you can see the variation in the minimum band requirement.

Question #8: Can IELTS academics scores get considered in creating Express Entry profile for Canada?

Answer: When you talk about Canada IMMIGRTAION, you need to appear for IELTS general training. Academic IELTS is applicable for study programs only in Canada or any other country where IELTS exam is acceptable.

Question #9: Is the computer-based IELTS valid for Canada Express Entry in 2020?

Answer: Computer based IELTS is valid for Canada certainly. It depends on candidate and how comfortable they are with online or offline test. SO if someone wants to appear for computer based IELTS than they can definitely do that without giving it another thought.

Question #10: Is it better to appear for the IELTS from Canada rather than India to get reasonable marks in the IELTS GT?

Answer: There is no such requirement. IELTS exam needs good amount of preparation and mentorship. If you study with good IELTS material and give regular mock tests than you can clear IELTS exam easily. Exam pattern remains the same everywhere for IELTS General Training.

Question #11: How can I immigrate to Canada and get PR with 5.5 IELTS band score?

Answer: For Canada Immigration under Express Entry Program, one needs to achieve 6 bands in each module in IELTS. If you don’t fulfil the minimum requirement and your score falls below 6 bands than you can start your immigration process under various PNP i.e. Provincial Nomination Program. There are total 10 Provinces and 3 Territories in Canada and each of them has a different PNP program. So you can simply explore the option which suits you the most.

Question #12: Is IELTS Compulsory for Spouse under Express Entry PR Visa for Canada?

Answer: For Secondary applicant, IELTS is not mandatory thing. But if your spouse/ secondary applicant appear for the exam than you claim points for that. For spouse you can claim maximum 30 points under Comprehensive Ranking System.

Question #13: Is the PTE exam valid for the Canadian immigration PR process?

Answer: If you want to apply for Canada immigration process than you can either appear for IELTS or CELPIP. PTE is not accepted in Canada for PR process, but if someone wants to migrate to Australia than they can take PTE exam to check their proficiency in English language exam.

Question #14: Is IELTS necessary to get a job in Canada from India 2020?

Answer: IELTS exam basically checks your language proficiency in English. As English is the commonly spoken language in Canada so be it any program, you definitely needs to take up IELTS exam and achieve the required bands for that.

Question #15: Does my spouse also have to take the IELTS to apply for PR in Australia and Canada?

Answer: It is not mandatory for the secondary applicant or your spouse to appear for IELTS exam for being a part of your PR application. But if they take up the test than you can claim some points for that and that will ultimately help you in increasing your points.

Question #16: What are the tips to achieve CLB 9 in IELTS general exam to get Canada PR ?

Answer: In IELTS General Training exam if you want to achieve good bands than you can take IELTS coaching. If you think that you can appear on your own than a number of tutorials are available online and offline both. Also you need to be a regular practitioner. You should prepare for IELTS exam with dedication and you will definitely be able to achieve CLB 9

Question #17: For Canadian immigration requirements 2020, which would be the optimal and easiest choice of these: IELTS general, CELPIP general or CELPIP general LS?

Answer: There is no pre determined level of difficulty. You need to appear for the individual exam to know the level of difficulty. Also it varies person to person. Some people find IELTS easier to CELPIP or any other language exam applicable in Canada.

Question #18: How much time will it take for an PR from Canada after clearing IELTS?

Answer: Once you clear the IELTS exam, after that everything depends on the cutoff of the draw. Federal Government conducts draw every 15 days and it will totally depend on that only. Once you meet the score of the draw after that you need to file your application within 60 days and once the profile has been submitted after that another 6 months to get your Permanent Residency.

Question #19: What is the minimum IELTS score required for a PG diploma in Canada?

Answer: Be it any education, your qualification alone cannot determine the requirement of bands in language exam i.e. IELTS.  It parallelly depends on you age, work experience, spouse adaptability points as well. Your profile will need proper assessment by the immigration experts to understand the requirement of IELTS with a particular qualification, work experience and age group.

Question #20: If a primary applicant gets Canada PR than is that secondary applicant applicable to work in Canada without IELTS?

Answer: When it comes to secondary applicant, than I would say that for PR application process, secondary applicant does not need to appear for IELTS exam mandatorily but if they want to work there in Canada once the PR has been granted than they will have to takeup the exam .

Question #21: What is minimum IELTS score for Canada provincial states? I’m a bachelor’s degree holder, I have two years of experience as civil engineer, I’m 26 years old, and I’m single.

Answer: To apply under PNP program, you can even get your application processed on 5 bands as well but if you want to apply under Express Entry stream than you need to achieve a minimum 6 bands in each module. With above mentioned details you need to score 7778 in your IELTS exam to be eligible for PNP under Express Entry stream.

Question #22: Which is more favourable for Canadian immigration, IELTS British Council or IELTS IDP?

Answer: Language exam is one of the mandatory criteria for Canada immigration which is considered as  a milestone of the process. Anyone who is willing to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker, needs to appear for the exam and achieve the required bands in the same.