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How to Immigrate to Canada From India 2019?

Canada has a long history of multi-ethnic immigration. The country has an amalgamation of different races, religion and belief groups. Prominently because of this reason, Canada’s popularity has risen in the past few decades.

Further, thanks to the introduction of the Express Entry program in the year 2015 which initiated a chain of systematic processing of visas. Before Express Entry, it used to take a long time for an immigration application to get processed. Now, Canada Permanent Resident Visa applications can get processed in just 6 months of time period. Thus, if you want to immigrate to Canada from India within time as little as 6 months, then Express Entry is the right option for you!

The Express Entry program has three primary streams for skilled individuals to apply through in 2019. These are:

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Other than these Express Entry streams, you can also consider immigrating through Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) in 2019. Provincial Nomination Program too, like Express Entry, is for skilled individuals who are willing to come and settle in the province to meet the local labour shortages in there.

There are 10 Provincial Nomination Programs in Canada. These are:

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Faster ways to immigrate to Canada from India in 2019:

Canada, a nation in the northern portion of North America, is positioned among the main ten nations on the planet, as far as its exclusive expectations of living, great school training and fantastic human services framework is concerned. There are fantastic open doors for work, a superior life and individual development in this multicultural nation. The merciful migration strategies offered by Canada likewise make this place alluring for Indians.

From 2006 to 2015, a sum of 323,746 settlers from India arrived in Canada. It was additionally included that in Canada, the quantity of workers from India became 74% from 314,690 of every 2001 to 547,890 out of 2011. This ascent has made India the best migration source nation for Canada.

You should realize that a large portion of the Canadian migration programs are point based. To meet the qualification criteria for these projects, you have to score adequate scores. These scores or points will be founded on your profile factors, i.e., educational merits, work skills, English communication capability, age, living relatives in Canada, and so on. In light of your answers, you will be given points. Also, it is the total point score is up to the level of minimum required score of that programs, then it will qualify you for coming and settling in Canada.

Though Canada Immigration has the fastest immigration processing in the world, there are still few ways that can speed up your immigration process. Consider the following options that you can do to maximize the speed at which you will be permanently immigrating to Canada in 2019:

(a.)Find a Job

Having a Job offer in hand is the fastest way to boost your total Immigration score and get selected from the pool. Finding a Job in Canada in 2019 is easy if you are a skilled worker with earned proficiency in education and experience. Canada has a provision of Job bank linked with Express Entry Profile that helps you to find and appear for a Job opportunity in Canada.

To register yourself with the Job bank in 2019, you need to first file your Express Entry. Upon submission of your profile, you will be assigned a unique Express Entry Profile number and a Job validation code. This code will enable you to register yourself with Canada’s Job bank.

You can also apply and bag a Job from Canada through professional help of Oneclick Immigrations. Our firm has a vast network of contacts all over Canada. We provide Job assistance services to all our clients as Complementary service. We have successfully placed over 15,000 skilled immigrates to Canada and assisted many in finding a Job matching their profile.

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(b.)Get Provincial Nomination:

Another way to immigrate to Canada super fast in 2019 is to get a Provincial Nomination from any of the 10 provinces of Canada. A nomination from any province will make you eligible to claim 600 additional immigration points thus increasing your chances of selection from the 2019 pool.

600 points is a huge boost and every applicant must thrive for it.

To get Provincial Nomination in 2019, you must know whether or not:

  1. You are meeting all the laid down eligibility requirements by the province
  2. Your Job profile is in demand in the province or listed in the NOC (National Occupation Code) list of the province 2019

Reasons why individuals move to Canada from India

A large number of Indians are relocating to Canada. Since, Canada is extraordinary and novel as far as expectations for everyday comforts, working condition and raising a family is concerned. Canada has made simple approaches and principles as contrasted and other country’s migration arrangements.

Since decades, Indians used to relocate to Canada for study, work, business purposes, and residency. You will see Indians around the nation in abundance. But Is it great to move to Canada from India in 2019?

Canada offers high business rate, security in economy and governmental issues, better life quality, and furthermore is a created propelled country. Its training framework and medicinal services framework is of world class quality, individuals come here for restorative treatment from the world.

Canada Immigration approaches are so adaptable and advantageous which pulls in the greater part of the Indians for picking up the permanent residency in Canada.

Steps to immigrate to Canada from India 2019

Canada Immigration is a systematic step-by-step process. Following is a proper channel for your immigration process that can get you your PR visa as the soonest:

  • Appear for IELTS examination
  • Hire an Immigration consultancy and get a pre –assessment of your application
  • Fill your Permanent Residency (PR) form online
  • Get your Education Credential Assessment (ECA) evaluation through authentic assessing board like WES
  • Work Experience Authentication
  • Medical Certifications
  • Police verification Certifications
  • Proof of funds arrangements
  • Filing for Visa Application

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Canada Immigration Processing time from India 2019

As already discussed, Canada Immigration through Express Entry Program in 2019 is a fast track mode of immigrating overseas. Canada’s Express Entry Program takes about 6 to 8 months. However, your application has to be error free and all documents have to be duly submitted if you want uninterrupted visa processing. Sometimes there are delays in your visa processing because of too many backlogs of applications or any additional documentation requirements asked by immigration authorities.

Cost to immigrate to Canada from India in 2019

The cost for Canada immigration in 2019 depend on the type of program you’ve applied to as well as number of family members accompanying you. Below is the tentative expenditure that every applicant needs to bear irrespective of program applied to:

  • IELTS Examination –  Rs. 12,100
  • University Transcripts – Rs. 1,000
  • Educational Credential Assessment with WES = Rs.16,000
  • Medical examination – Rs. 6,000
  • CIC fee for principal applicant – 390$ + additional cost for secondary applicants

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