Ontario Occupation in Demand list 2019

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Ontario in-demand Occupation List 2019

Canada’s most well-known pathway Ontario Immigration Nominee Program or OINP is an excellent category of program to consider while planning immigrating to the Canadian province Ontario.

The program was known for its faster processing time, on speed quota updates and easy to process steps. That is why a candidate prefers to apply through OINP than rest of the immigration pathways offered by the country.

Ontario is a province rich in resources. It is only facing labour resource shortages currently for which it targets skilled and experienced immigrants under its different streams and categories to come to the province and perform skilful jobs. OINP allows Ontario employers to recruit candidates directly through a process given by it. The candidates selected get a nomination certificate from Ontario so as to be eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency draw. The draw took place at frequent interval of time. Ontario PNPs’ processing time too is much faster as compared to other PNP programs of Canada.

Do i Qualify for ONTARIO PNP?

Following are the different OINP immigration categories offered by the province to different set of people willing to come down and work for Ontario economy:

  1. Ontario Express Entry
  •      Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream
  •      Ontario Express Entry: French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  1. General Category (Employer Category)
  •      Foreign Workers with a Job Offer Stream
  1. International Student Category
  •     International Students with a Job Offer Stream
  •     International Students – Masters Graduate Stream
  •     International Students – PhD Graduate Stream
  1. Business Category
  •    Entrepreneur Stream
  •    Corporate Stream

Ontario PNP Eligibility Requirements 2019

Before applying to Ontario PNP, one should meet all required criteria to be eligible. The following points are the general eligibility requirements for Ontario PNP:

  • Have a permanent, full-time job offer from an employer operating in Ontario that is also submitting an application for hiring in any skilled occupation (NOC levels 0, A, or B)
  • Have minimum requirement of certificate/diploma in educational field which makes them eligible to apply
  • Have a skilled work experience in their respective occupational area as per requirement of the program
  • Have basic language proficiency in English language
  • Has a rationally young age with reasonable level of productivity at work
  • Intention to live in the province of Ontario.

Express Entry score requirement – If you are willing to apply to Ontario PNP through its Express Entry aligned stream, one must have a Canada Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System score of 400 points or greater. This score must sustain throughout provincial and federal processing of your profile, otherwise it will lead to your ineligibility.

Also to be eligible, one must be having their occupations present in the Occupation in-demand list of Ontario province. Occupation list means that the mentioned profiles are facing shortages in the labour market and therefore immigrants having a valid experience in those profiles will be warmly welcomed by the province through its PNP.

Ontario CRS calculator

The most important thing to note here is that OINP will be targeting the profiles mentioned on the list but there will be no limit for issuing the Notification of Interest (NOI) so even if your Job is not there, you can get invitation/ nomination from the province.

Following is the latest National Occupational Classification (NOC) list of Ontario for the year 2019:

Occupation NOC Code
Telecommunication Carriers Managers NOC 0131
Computer and Information Systems Managers NOC 0213
Electrical and Electronics Engineers NOC 2133
Computer Engineers (Except Software Engineers and Designers) NOC 2147
Information Systems Analysts and Consultants NOC 2171
Database Analysts and Data Administrators NOC 2172
Software Engineers and Designers NOC 2173
Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers NOC 2174
Web Designers and Developers NOC 2175
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians NOC 2241
User Support Technicians NOC 2282
Systems Testing Technicians NOC 2283
Broadcast Technicians NOC 5224
Graphic Designers and Illustrators NOC 5241
Computer Network Technicians NOC 2281

Ontario has always been a province of IT preference. It is therefore that most of the nominations given by the province is for those who have work experience in one of many Information and Communications Technology (ICT) occupations. Under a new initiative that began on June 26th this year, Ontario has even officially clarified that candidates with IT experience will be targeted for selection by the province.

Under this new initiative of Ontario searched the Express Entry pool specifically for ICT profiles under its popular Express Entry-aligned Human Capital Priorities (HCP) stream. HCP is hugely popular stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

Candidates having a good skilled work experience in any of the laid down ICT occupations are eligible to receive a Notification of Interest (NOI) from Ontario. The candidate has to have minimum score of 400 CRS to get NOI. This is because Ontario only invites candidates with 400 or more CRS points.

NOI is a formal provincial nomination issued under this PNP stream. As a result, the candidate becomes eligible to claim 600 additional CRS points and an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in a subsequent Express Entry draw.

Candidates who are qualified for the HCP stream, but lacks ICT work experience or not having ICT experience at all, remains eligible for selection/ getting NOI if they have 400 CRS points and satisfy other criteria laid down by Ontario for nomination.

As per the recent reports, the province of Ontario is in need of tens of thousands more ICT workers over the coming years to meet the labour demands of the labour market. Though the province at present is conducting regular NOI draws without any preference window to any profile but if the province again prioritizes certain occupations in future, then it may be expected that the ICT sector will again take the front seat keeping in mind the labour needs of the province.

For candidates willing to apply for Ontario PNP, the first step is getting a provincial nomination from the province under the NCP stream of the OINP. To get nomination, first create an Express Entry profile and mentioned all the asked credentials such as your age, experience, education and language skills. While in the pool, the Ontario will examine your profile for eligibility on grounds of 400 CRS score to be minimal.

Now let us see what other criteria is needed by the candidate to get NOI without any setback:

Ontario HCP Stream Criteria

To be eligible under the HCP stream of Ontario PNP, candidates must:

  • Have an active profile in the Express Entry pool with overall CRS score of 400 or more points. The score must remain at or above 400 during both the Ontario nomination processing stage as well as at the federal application processing stage;
  • Have a minimum level of skilled work experience in a profile needed in the province;
  • Candidates applying under the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) must have at least one year of continuous, permanent and full-time employment experience, or part-time equivalent, in any of the occupation listed on the National Occupation Classification (NOC) level 0, A, or B in the five years preceding the date of the NOI.
  • Candidates applying under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) criteria must have at least an year of cumulative and full-time employment experience, or part-time equivalent, in any of the occupation listed on NOC 0, A, or B in Canada for a period of three years prior to the date of the NOI.
  • Have at least the educational merit of Canadian Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree OR an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report by a designated organization demonstrating that their non-canadian educational certifications are equivalent to that of Canadian standards;
  • Exhibit English or French language proficiency in terms of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) at minimum of 7 level grade or above in all four modules of the exam namely speaking, reading, writing, and listening;
  • Showcase that they have an intention to live and work in Ontario.
  • Show acquisitions of sufficient funds to cover the settlement costs as asked to showcased by Ontario; and
  • Meet other criteria under either the FSWC or CEC. Note that Federal Skilled Trades Class candidates are not eligible for selection under the HCP stream.

Enquiry for Ontario PNP

After making sure that you are meeting the entire eligibility requirement set as well as having your Job profile in demand in 2019 demand list of Ontario, you can create your Express Entry Profile with 400 CRS total for mentioned credentials. Once your profile reaches the pool, the Ontario will self-issue you NOI.

Ontario is considered the most preferred province to live at as it is the capital province of the huge nation of Canada and provides multiple growth opportunities to young immigrant aspirants like you. If you want to know your Canada Immigration odds and probability, get your free pre-assessment from our team of experts. Our PR experts are available at +91 9821533309 . Call now!