Saskatchewan Immigration PNP New Occupation in Demand List 2019

Find out is your occupation in demand in Saskatchewan or not?

Saskatchewan PNP Occupation in Demand List 2019

One of the most popular and active pathway to seek Canada Immigration is through Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) invites those skilled foreign candidates who are having relevant experience and education with a minimal level of language skills. Importantly, a candidate’s Job profile must also be mentioned in the Occupation list of Saskatchewan.

The most popular stream of SINP through which it invites such skilled candidates is called Occupation in-demand Category or OID stream. There are few eligibility parameters for Saskatchewan PNP that a candidate has to comply with before submitting an application to the province. These are:

  1. Score of at least 60 points out of 100 based on credentials such as Age, Education, Work experience, language abilities, etc.
  2. Inclusion of your Job profile/ your Job profile must be listed in the in-demand occupation list of Saskatchewan
  3. Saskatchewan licensure, in case your related occupation is in a regulated profession or obligatory apprenticeship trade.

Saskatchewan plans and invites candidates based on its NOC list. NOC stands for National Occupation Code. These Job codes are those Job profiles which are facing skilled labour shortages in the provinces and need immediate workforce to meet this shortage.

Following is the Occupation in-demand list 2018 for the province of Saskatchewan on the basis of which a candidate is invited to apply for PR visa:

Saskatchewan adds 13 new Job titles to In-Demand Occupation List

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program reported amendments to its In-Demand Occupation List, including 13 new National Occupational Classifications (NOCs) including Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers.

The recently distributed In-Demand Occupation List applies to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP’s) International Skilled Worker — Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand sub-classifications.

The In-Demand Occupation List presently comprises of 24 occupations, with nine that don’t require proficient authorizing with an administrative body indicated by the SINP.

The new rundown additionally gives subtleties on the SINP’s necessities identified with a remote national’s educational certifications. Audit subtleties on SINP prerequisites identified with licensure and instructive accreditations under every NOC.

While hopefuls must exhibit work involvement in one of the popular occupations, a Job offer isn’t required to be viewed as qualification criteria for either the Express Entry or Occupation In-Demand sub-classification.

So as to be considered for both of the sub-classifications, remote nationals should initially enrol an Expression of Interest (EOI) System profile with the region and get a positioning score out of 100 dependent on the SINP’s one of a kind scores appraisal lattice. The scores evaluation depends on reactions to questions identified with work understanding, education and capability in English or French, among different elements.

Whenever nominated by the region, competitors in the Express Entry sub-class get an extra 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) towards their government Express Entry profile.

New SINP In-Demand Occupations for the year of 2019

The new SINP In-Demand Occupations include:

0423 — Managers in Social Services and Community Services

1226 — Conference and Event Planners

1311 — Accounting Technicians

2174 — Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers

2251 — Architectural Technologists and Technicians

2255 — Technical Occupations in Geomatics and Meteorology

3216 — Medical Sonographers

4215 — Instructors of Persons with Disabilities

5254 — Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport and Fitness

6332 — Bakers

6342 — Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers and Milliners

7292 — Glaziers

7332 — Appliance Servicers and Repairers

To be qualified for the SINP, you should:

  • Score at least 60 points out of 100 on the SINP point appraisal matrix;
  • Have a language score of at any rate Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4.
  • Businesses and administrative bodies may request language scores that are higher than CLB 4;
  • Have finished post-educational qualification, preparing or apprenticeship that is the Canadian training arrangement of no less than one year long. You probably earned a recognition, testament or degree with this.
  • For degrees and certificates got outside of Canada, you should have an instructive accreditation evaluation (ECA) from an assigned association, according to IRCC’s rundown of affirmed associations.
  • Have no less than one of the accompanying in your field of instruction or preparing occupation
  • One year work involvement in the previous 10 years in a gifted calling (non-exchanges);
  • Two years work involvement in a skilled exchange the previous five years; or
  • A year work involvement in Canada in the previous three years (exchanges and non-exchanges).
  • Have work involvement in a high talented occupation in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix level “A”, “B” or “0” that is incorporated on the SINP In-Demand Occupation List.
  • You might be required to give confirmation of Professional Status or Licensure (for directed occupations or those with expert accreditation guidelines in Canada or potentially Saskatchewan) for your occupation. It would be ideal if you see the SINP In-Demand Occupation List for these necessities. In the event that you are mentioned to give evidence of licensure, your application will be held for preparing until such verification is given – all other required reports must be incorporated into your application or your application will be returned as fragmented and your application expense won’t be discounted. Try not to give licensure archives except if you have been prompted by the SINP.
  • Have evidence of settlement reserves and a settlement plan.

The program criteria can change whenever, yet we’ll utilize what was on this site when we got your total application.

SINP Current In-Demand Occupations List 2019

The 24 occupations that are now listed as in-demand by the SINP are:


Occupation Title

0423 Managers in Social Services and Community Services
1226 Conference and Event Planners*
1311 Accounting Technicians*
2154 Land Surveyors*
2174 Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
2251 Architectural Technologists and Technicians*
2255 Technical Occupations in Geomatics and Meteorology*
3211 Medical Laboratory Technologists
3215 Medical Radiation Technologists
3216 Medical Sonographers
3234 Paramedics
4151 Psychologists
4212 Social and Community Service Workers
4214 Early Childhood Educators
4215 Instructors of Persons with Disabilities*
5254 Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport and Fitness*
6331 Meat Cutters
6332 Bakers*
6342 Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers and Milliners*
7292 Glaziers
7312 Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics/Technicians
7321 Automotive Service Technicians, Truck and Bus Mechanics and Mechanical Repairers
7322 Motor Vehicle Body Repairers
7332 Appliance Servicers and Repairers*

Appraisal Rating

You should score at least 60 points out of 100 points on the Point Assessment Grid to be considered for SINP Nomination.

You are granted points based on five variables:

  • Educational and preparing;
  • Skilled work understanding;
  • Language capacity;
  • Age; and,
  • Associations with the Saskatchewan work market and flexibility.

The most effective method to Apply

In the wake of accepting your Invitation to Apply through the Expression of Interest framework, you should:

  • Pursue the rules for the Application Process to figure out how to apply.
  • Make sure to finish, filter and present the accompanying to the SINP as a feature of your application:
  • The majority of the required provincial and government forms; and
  • The majority of your Required Documents.
  • Allude to the SINP Important Words and Definitions to make sure you comprehend what is required.
  • Applications that are submitted where records are missing or not deciphered will be viewed as inadequate and the application will be shut. In the event that your application is shut, you will be sent a letter and encouraged to reapply sometime in the not too distant future with a total application.

What You Need to Know about Using Immigration Representatives?

You are not required to appoint an Immigration delegate or advisor to apply to the SINP. Be that as it may, on the chance that you wish to contract an agent, you should ensure they’re a legal advisor in Canada on favourable terms with a common law society or authorized by the Government of Saskatchewan.

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