How to apply for Spouse Visa for Canada From India?

How long does it take to get spouse visa for Canada from India?

Spouse visa for Canada

Canada is a country which is considered a family friendly nation. The country is therefore gives due importance to family unification. Any skilled worker immigrating to Canada can now take his/her spouse along or sponsor later on a spouse visa. Canada has made spousal sponsorship one of the fastest routes to settle in Canada as a Permanent Resident. You just need to meet few requirements mentioned in the below section to apply for this type of visa.

Latest update for Spouse visa to Canada:

Canada has continuously improving its frames policies so that you can bring in your spouse sooner and at minimal formalities. Let us consider one example which has a concrete aftermath for spouses willing to come and stay in Canada. In an official notice published, the liberal government of Canada announced that it would by the spring repeal the condition introduced by its Tory predecessors to crack down on marriage fraud. However, this is criticized by advocates for potentially trapping vulnerable migrants, especially women, in abusive relationships.

“The proposed repeal of conditional permanent residence recognizes that the majority of relationships are genuine, and the majority of applications are made in good faith,” the government said in its plan. The so-called conditional permanent residence came into effect in late 2012 requiring a sponsored spouse to live with their Canadian partner for two years if they have no children together. Otherwise, their permanent resident status would be revoked and they must leave Canada.

The Spousal Sponsorship is not a separate category of visa but is a sub-category program of Canada Family Sponsorship Program. This stream allows a Canadian permanent resident or citizen to sponsor his/her spouse/partner for Canadian Permanent Residency in Canada.

You and your spouse/partner are required to show a valid relationship with each other in one of the followings:

  • As a Spouse
  • As a Common Law Partner
  • As a Conjugal Partner

Spouse: This is option for you to avail if you are a spouse of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen and married him/her, and your marriage is considered legal in your home country. Canadian government may ask to show some proof of your marriage such as Marriage certificate, photographs of the alliance, etc.

Common-law partner: This option is for you to avail if you and your partner have been living with each other in a loving relationship and has spent 12 months with each and there is no gap during this time then, you can sponsor him/her.

Conjugal Partner: This option is for you to avail if your partner is either of the same sex or opposite sex. Canada recognizes same-sex marriage and it’s valid to sponsor your partner. There are though some exceptional circumstances. If there are some forces which are beyond their control and are preventing them from living together then such applications cannot be qualifying for common-law partners or spouse visa category.

Supportive Documentation Requirement for faster processing of Spousal Sponsorship

Documentation is an essential step and you must comply with all documentation requirements with utmost care. The immigration authority of Canada sends for documentation requirement as per your case i.e., for spousal sponsorship documentation requirement may vary case to case. Speaking of general requirement, you must prepare your authentic marriage certificate and/or any other document validating both of you spouse/partner of each other. This is one basic and mandatory document for Spouse Sponsorship. To get a detailed documentation checklist for spousal visa, you can contact our Immigration Executives today.

Canada Spouse Visa Eligibility Requirements:

Canada spouse visa as its name suggests is for spouses who are having their other halves living in Canada on a Permanent Resident Visa. To apply for Canada spouse visa, the following are the essential requirements that both the applicant and sponsor should meet:

  • Sponsor must be a citizen of Canada or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Sponsor’s age should be at least 18 years.
  • Sponsor should sign a sponsorship contract of 3 years with Canadian administration to financially support the partner or spouse and children.
  • The age of the applicant should be above 16 years.
  • If couple got married in Canada they must provide the marriage certificate issued by the province.

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