Question 1: Which are the best immigration destinations in the world?

Answer: Permanently immigrating to a country is a big step and therefore you must consider all the economic and personal factors before deciding on any destination as your new home. The most popular destinations where Indians immigrate in profusion are these:

  • Canada
  • Quebec (Montreal)
  • Ontario (Toronto)
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Australia
  • USA
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong

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Question: What is an immigration program?

Answer: An Immigration program is a system evolved with globalisation. Immigration is desired by a person when he/she is in need for better pay and future (common 20th century needs). An Immigration program gives you a pathway to enter any economically developed country where you can work, study, commence business or settle permanently as individual or with family.

Most of the developed countries like UK, Canada, Australia has a systematic point based process through which an individual is selected to come, work and settle for am indefinite period. The candidate must have unique set of skills and in lieu of that, the country invites and provide social benefits & status of resident to that candidate.

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Question: How to check my eligibility for Canada PR?

Answer: Canada Permanent Resident Visa is the most prestigious form of reorganisation that any skilled individual seek for. However, you need to surpass various eligibility benchmarks before getting this status of resident in the country. Following are the basic eligibility criteria demanded by CIC:

  1. Age of an individual must not be more than 47 years.
  2. Educational qualification of an individual must be from a recognised university or institution in the form of at least 3 year long degree training.
  3. Work experience of an individual must be at least an year which should be paid, cumulative, full-time and present in the NOC list of Canada.
  4. Language proficiency of an individual must be there for English and/or French. For English testing IELTS exam, minimum CLB 7 must be obtained by the Candidate.
  5. Meet other adaptability and arranged employment requirements as mentioned by CIC.
  6. Have minimum of 67 points out of 100 on Canada’s point assessment grid.

You can apply and immigrate to Canada through Provincial Programs or sponsorship programs. Call us to know more in this regard.

Question: Are there ways to increase my CRS score?

Answer: Yes you can increase your score as well as chances of immigrating to Canada by following few simple tricks:

  1. Re-appear for your IELTS examination and try to improve your language score
  2. Learn French language as Canada is a bi-lingual country with two official languages- English and French. CIC gives extra score if you have French language proficiency in addition to English language skills.
  3. Try to get nomination from any Canadian province. Provincial Nomination gives you a boost of over 600 points. To get nomination, trace down all the requirements mentioned by each province on its official website
  4. Get a Job from Canada. Having a Job is not mandatory. But you can get in touch with Canadian employers through Job bank and bag a Job to increase your score. An LMIA approved Job gives you a score of at least 50 (minimum) till 200 (maximum).
  5. Claim points if you have any sibling living to Canada
  6. Claim points on your spouse’s language proficiency, skillset, experience
  7. Make your spouse a primary applicant if his/her score is totalling up to more than you

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Question: How to take my spouse along with me on Canada PR visa?

Answer: To take your spouse along with you to Canada, you can choose between these two options:

Option (a)- You can make your spouse secondary applicant to your application. This way he/she can travel along with you after you get your Canada PR visa. Your spouse too will get the PR visa and enjoy benefits and perks like any Permanent Resident of country.

Option (b)- You can fly to Canada after getting PR visa and later sponsor your spouse to the country. For this, you need to spend at least one year in Canada as a Permanent Resident. For sponsoring your spouse, you need to showcase your financial in-dependency as well as willingness to sponsor your spouse and take good care of him/her both emotionally and financially.

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Question: Is it important to take consultation from an Immigration firm?

Answer: It is indeed important to take up professional consultation services from an Immigration firm. At Oneclick Immigrations, we provide you with utmost certified services such as getting your Educational Credential Assessment done, A-class IELTS training and study material, post–landing services in Canada, etc.

Oneclick Immigrations is actively operating in Noida with it’s headquarter in Montreal. We are offering an all inclusive immigration service package to those who are willing to immigrate to Canada through business or skilled immigration visa pathways. Our forte lies in the fact that our team of experts are highly qualified and dedicated professionals having complete knowledge of Canada Immigration laws. Oneclick immigrations consulting services is regarded for being an ICCRC accredited firm with 100 % success rate and over 7 years of experience in serving immigration aspirants around the world.

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