Know the requirement and procedure to apply for canada Immigration From India 2019

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Answer: It is indeed important to take up professional consultation services from an Immigration firm. At Oneclick Immigrations, we provide you with utmost certified services such as getting your Educational Credential Assessment done, A-class IELTS training and study material, post–landing services in Canada, etc.

Oneclick Immigrations is actively operating in India with it’s headquarter in Montreal. We are offering an all inclusive immigration service package to those who are willing to immigrate to Canada through business or skilled immigration visa pathways. Our forte lies in the fact that our team of experts are highly qualified and dedicated professionals having complete knowledge of Canada Immigration laws. Oneclick immigrations consulting services is regarded for being an ICCRC accredited firm with 100 % success rate and over 7 years of experience in serving immigration aspirants around the world.

To book our services or to get a pre-assessment of your case, call us today!

Yes. We have a specialised team that conducts your pre-eligibility tests and declares your eligibility for a specific country or immigration program. Pre-eligibility test ensures to save your time and money.

No. We do not charge for Immigration Counselling at all. You can seek any information regarding the immigration process over the phone, on email or by personally visiting our office for one-on-one counselling session.

Oneclick Visas offers permanent resident visa, study visa, tourist visa and other short and long term visas for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. Our range of services extends from the initial counselling to the delivery of your visa. We also provide for post-landing services such as accommodation, flights and more. Our complementary services are free IELTS material, free job assistance, free PNP filing, etc.

CIC requires you to make an online profile called Express Entry profile. Upon submitting this profile, you will get registered for the PR process. Thus, after registration, you get eligible for selection from the pool of express entry profiles via regular draws. Call us to initiate your registration process now!

There is pre-assessment test conducted by Oneclick Visa’s Experts to know your eligibility. Both Canada and Australia considers your personal credentials before declaring you fit for immigrating. You will be asked by our experts, your particular credentials such as age, education, language ability and educational background for points calculation. You can also self-check your eligibility by using our point calculator tool.

Yes, Oneclick Visas offer a money-back Guarantee in case the Immigration authority rejects your visa. Our success rate is very precise and we assure a guaranteed visa within the maximum time frame of 8 months!

Your PR visa processing time differs as per your case and situation. It also depends on the backlog of applications with Canadian/ Australian authorities.

With Oneclick Visas, you are assured to get your PR visa within 6-8 months, even under the most complicated situations or unsatisfactory credentials.

RCIC stands for Regulated Canada Immigration Consultants. These are certified/ approved by the Canadian Immigration Canada (CIC)- the immigration body of Canada. RCICs are particularly specialised in the Immigration Laws of Canada. Therefore, they are the most trusted agents who work within the purview of rules and policies of Canadian nation.

Yes, we offer our immigration services to aspirants all around the world. Anyone who dreams to settle abroad can come to us irrespective of the place/country they are currently living in.

After you are allotted with a Case officer, you can sit back and relax. Our case officers take the due care of each and every process step afterwards. From documentation arrangement to submission before the closing dates, case officers do every bit of task on your behalf.

Immigration process is easy if you take advice or direct consultancy through a certified firm. Your immigration consultant will assess your eligibility, prepare your profile, arrange and submit your documents, get approvals from CIC, check status of the submitted application and finally give in the good news of visa approvals!

Your eligibility largely depends on the given factors:

  • Your age of applying
  • Your latest educational qualifications
  • Your proficiency in English language
  • Your skilled work experience
  • Your potency to have a job offer in Canada
  • Other factors such as sibling residing in Canada, provincial nomination, spouse abilities, etc.

To know your eligibility, get in touch with us.

No, immigration authorities or embassy no longer provides application related assistance for a PR visa. However, you can take help from regulated Canadian immigration consultants who are the legal representatives of Canadian authorities. A reputed RCIC consultant Mr.Angad Sachdeva is in association with Oneclick Visas. You can get your application prepared under his professional lens. 

If your application or your documents has flaws, mistakes, misrepresentation, omissions or any other doubtful display of information, then Immigration authority can reject your application. At Oneclick Visas, your documentation is taken care by our professional team of case officers so as to avoid any kind of discrepancy that may come up later.

A PR visa has a validity of 5 years after which it requires renewal (or you can apply for Citizenship after spending 3 consecutive years in the country). A PR status is an elective choice and so you can surrender your PR status anytime. This means that a PR visa does not mandates you to stay in Canada forever.

Canada offers Citizenship to those Permanent Residents who completes at least 3 out of 5 years residing in Canada as a PR holder. This is the base eligibility for applying for Citizenship. You are required to pass a test/interview and take oath before officially becoming a Canadian Citizen.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a document declaring your clean character and pure acts in the country you are currently residing or anyplace else where you have lived for more than 6 months (in the last 10 years). This is required from all the applicants over 18 years of age. Your Immigration Consultant can arrange your PCC on your request.

Yes, medical examinations are mandatory for each and every applicant immigrating. In some cases, applicant’s family members too can be asked to submit their fitness certificates. This is in order to protect the health of the Canadian community and to prevent a burden on the Canadian medical system from any illness that you may carry with you.

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