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Largest Express Entry Draw Alert: 10 July 2019!

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Largest Express Entry Draw Alert: 10 July 2019!

The Express Entry draw for immigration to Canada that took place on 10th of July has brought about 3,600 applicants being issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score cut-off was 460 points.

This is the third back to back draw in which the CRS requirement has dropped, reducing an aggregate of 10 since the May 29 draw that set the record high so far for 2019 with a cut-off limit of 470 points. In the past draw, which happened on June 26, the CRS score cut-off limit was 462.

The tie break guidelines for the July 10th draw, is that only those individuals who presented their Express Entry profile to the pool before June 11, 2019 at 00:27:18 UTC will be invited.

With 45,400 ITAs issued so far this year and with Canada’s most goal-oriented migration points on record, the remaining of 2019 is going out to be enormous for Express Entry. This was the 14th Express Entry draw of 2019 and the 121st since the introduction of Express Entry in 2015.The record low Express Entry cut-off for an all-program draw is 413 points.

The July 10 draw is the third draw in a line wherein the CRS cut-off has dropped, after the pattern of the June 12 and June 26 draws. In the July 10 draw, 3,600 ITAs were issued, which is an expansion from the 3,350 ITAs that have been issued in the latest draws.

A bigger number of ITAs regularly brings about a cut in the CRS score cut-off, as more hopefuls are pulled from the pool. In May, the CRS score hopped to 470 the most increased cut-off in 2019. This increase in cut-off was essential because there was disarrangement on the whole program draws meaning that all applicants in the pool were qualified for choice, paying little mind to which program — Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class — they are qualified under.

There are scopes of variables that may impact the CRS cut-off score, including:

The quantity of applicants invited, the recurrence of draws, the number of new hopefuls entering the pool and Changes in the CRS scores of existing competitors, whose scores may increment or decline based upon their conditions. Starting at July 5, there was a sum of 112,810 applicants in the Express Entry pool.

There is each probability that future Express Entry draws will result applicants with scores below 450 points being welcome to apply. As of late as January of this current year, hopefuls with scores in 430s were being welcomed, and IRCC has set a yearning focus to welcome skilled migrants through Express Entry programs in 2019 and throughout the following next two years.

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Canada Express Entry Points History 2019

Most of applicants in the pool have scores under 400 CRS. If we go by trends, the cut remains fairly between 320-380.

The draw by and large has around 3,000 applicants selected every time. Many times, we have also seen selection of 3,900 applicants at one go. The cut-off and selected applicants are actually reversely proportional because more is the cut-off, fewer will be selected and more the applicants selected, lesser would be the cut-off.

In 2019, the draws have dropped marginally to 3,350 applicants for each draw. So fundamentally, if there are at any rate 3,000 applicants in the pool with scores higher than your own, you need a greater point score total.


Draw #Minimum CRS Score RequiredDate of Draw# of ITAs Issued
13th46010th July, 20193,350
12th46226th June, 20193,350
11th46512th June, 20193,350
10th47029th May, 20193,350
9th4501st May, 20193,350
8th45117th April, 20193,350
7th4513rd April, 20193,350
6th45220th March, 20193,350
5th4546th March, 20193,350
4th45720th Feb, 20193,350
3rd43830th January, 20193,350
2nd44323 January, 20193,900
Ist44910th January, 20193,900

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