CRS Score Expected To Drop In 2020

will express entry points drop in 2020

Minimum CRS Score Expected To Drop In 2020?

Canada is increasingly becoming the popular choice among youth specially Indians due to deluge from USA. Needless to state, the present Trump regime is making it hard for outsiders to work and settle in US. It has a direct result of increasing inflow of skilled workers in Canada-which equals the country in every sense- be it provision of high paying jobs, better living conditions and government aids in schooling and health sector.

It wouldn’t be surprising if IRCC set another high CRS recording 2020 given Canada’s higher 2019 CRS that the three Federal Skilled classifications oversaw by the Express Entry system, i.e., the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class.

The candidates has to meet the qualification of high CRS to get selected from the Express Entry pool and secure a position amongst high rankers .In other words, it is only if you score between 430-460, you will be able to get an invite for applying for Canada PR. This is rather a very difficult score to accumulate in spite of having a good qualification levels and work experience.

The reason for this increase is very simple:

  1. More and more people are now willing to immigrate to Canada
  2. Increase in competition as more and more skilled & proficient people are applying for express entry

How PNPs can help you in 2020?

Express Entry has become a class for elite who manage to get a high soaring CRS of 450+. However, due to the Canadian immigration strategy, which is at present, is welcoming a million applicants under its Multi year immigration scheme, will allow you to easily migrate to Canada in 2020. Yes, despite high CRS.

In nutshell, not all the immigration pathways are expected to get stricter like Express Entry. You can apply through the Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) that demand less immigration points and give you same privileges as status as in case, aPR visa from Express Entry would do.

How to apply for Canada PNP in 2020

The process you need to follow to immigrate to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a one step process. You can get the PR visa if any Canadian province nominates you. The primary thing you have to do is apply to the PNP where you are willing to settle. To qualify, you should have what it takes, i.e., you must be young with decent language abilities, educational qualification and skilled work experience. PNPs allow you to permanently come and settle in Canada with or without your family at minimum requirements and conditions.

After getting the nomination from a Canadian province, you can go ahead and apply for your PR visa. There are 2 ways to apply for PNPs: the Express Entry linked PNP streams and the customary application process where you directly apply on the website of the province as and when the application window opens.

Nomination under an Express Entry PNP stream: This stream is suitable for you if you are already in the Express Entry pool.The province will analyse your Express Entry profile and you need not make a separate application to any province. If satisfied, you will get the nomination and extra CRS of 600 points.

Nomination under a non-Express Entry PNP stream: Under a non-Express Entry PNP stream, you ought to apply through an application separately made to the PNP you are interested in. Many PNPs have the process of EOI submission to which the province, if interested, will revert back and issue you an Invitation To Apply through CIC.

The following are the available PNP programs for you:

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program: a very popular program, SINP has limited admissions every year and you must hurry to prepare & submit your SINP application!

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program: this province is hugely in demand among North Indians. A vast Indian community lives in Manitoba province of Canada.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program: Ontario is the tech-hub of Canada and many Indian engineers and tech people often choose this province to settle in.
New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program: this is the east coast province of Canada. It is bilingual with English and French both cultures prevailing.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program: yet another popular stream for Canada immigration. Many Indians are settled in Nova Scotia and are living a great life!

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program: the province with many red-sand beaches, can be called the Kolkata of India being having many Victorian government buildings.

Newfoundland Provincial Nominee Program: a PNP from the territorial area of Newfoundland and Labrador, this stream is for nature lovers and those who are willing to move abroad for a relaxed and peaceful life.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program: BC has many good universities to study and is often considered by the international students worldwide. The Vancouver city is the heart of BC province.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program: this province has the most potential to develop as it has the world’s third largest reserves of oil energy. You can consider a great job creation in the province in the coming future.

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