Parents and Grand Parents program


Canada will reopen its Parents and Grand Parents program soon on 28th January 2019

Are you a Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizenship holder with the age of 18 years and above and willing to Sponsor your long distant Parents and Grand Parents to join you in Canada, than you have got a chance to turn it into reality. Yes!!! Canada will reopen its Parents and Grand Parents program soon on 28th January 2019.

This time you have got one more reason to be happy about this program. Unlike earlier this time the IRCC will accept applications on first come first served basis. The estimated target under PGP stream is around 20000 that IRCC will carryon until they reach this cap in 2019.First come first served basis approach for applications is all set to replace the controversial lottery process.

Complete online interest to sponsor form which will be made available at noon EST on January 28, 2019. Potential sponsors needs to understand that submitting the interest to sponsor is not the application but only the notification to IRCC of your interest to sponsor your parents or grand parents under this program.

Through interest to sponsor form you will notify the IRCC of your wish to be a potential sponsor. As per IRCC guidelines, interested candidates needs to meet the minimum eligibility requirements for this program.

You also need to upload a copy of your status in Canada failing to that will lead to rejection of your application.

Applicants who have met all the requirements and have notified the IRCC of their wish to be a potential sponsor, will be notified after the application processing is done. They will be notified through their IRCC account whether they have been invited or not. To be eligible for this program, a sponsor needs to fulfil few of the criteria’s which includes to be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident holder,  Should be the age of 18 years and above, should also exceed the minimum necessary income level for this program, If someone is married than they can both do it together.

They also have to sign an undertaking to repay any provincial social benefits assistance paid to the sponsor or accompanying family members, if any, for a period of 20 years if necessary. Also the sponsors will have to prove that they meet the minimum income requirements by submitting notices of assessment issued by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) in support of their application.

After receiving the ITA under this program, you will have 60 days time to submit your complete application which includes all the necessary documents and information.

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