Saskatchewan’s record high draw for Express Entry candidates


Saskatchewan has declared one of its biggest draws ever 2 days back. The draw has given out 986 invites to qualified applicants in the federal pool using its provincial stream- the Saskatchewan’s Express Entry stream: International Worker. Applicants who got an invite holds work experience of minimum 1 year in one of thirteen popular occupations mentioned on the demand list of Saskatchewan.

The 986 invites are the highest ever issued through the SINP’s Expression of Interest (EOI) system. The province initiates the EOI system back in July 2018 in order to deal with the pool of applicants for the Saskatchewan’s Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand streams.

The province has up till now, issued 2,155 total invites for the current month through its International Skilled Worker stream. Saskatchewan is welcoming skilled people from across the globe who can come and make their home in the region and meanwhile contribute towards the development of the province! The latest draw is an extraordinary sign that Saskatchewan is eager to fill local employments through immigrant workers who can make their contribution as the workforce of province.

Know the Documents Required for SINP!

Saskatchewan in future as well, is expected to hold some enormous draws and therefore Oneclick suggest applicants with relevant work experience to take advantage of the situation. The initial step is making an Express Entry profile in the Federal pool. With an express entry profile made, applicants then can present an Expression of Interest to the SINP for nomination and get extra CRS.

A nomination from any Canadian province including the Saskatchewan province gives you an extra amount of points i.e., 600 CRS. This will make your total CRS score adequate enough to get an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR visa.

All the Express Entry applicants called for SINP’s latest draw had a base score of 67 points under the SINP’s EOI system. This score depends on personal credentials like candidate’s present age, educational qualification, work experience, English or French language proficiency etc. The SINP only sought after those candidates from the express entry pool who are having job experience in the in-demand occupation. In other words, to get the nomination from the province, applicant must have an express entry active profile and job expedience in the given occupation list of the province.

The latest draw issued invitations to Express Entry candidates having minimum of a year’s work experience in any of the following 12 occupations. “NOC” stands for the National Occupational Classification code.

  • Retail and wholesale trade managers (NOC 0621)
  • Restaurant and food service managers (NOC 0631)
  • Construction managers (NOC 0711)
  • Managers in agriculture (NOC 0821)
  • Other financial officers (NOC 1114)
  • Accounting technicians and bookkeepers (NOC 1311)
  • Information systems analysts and consultants (NOC 2171)
  • Social and community service workers (NOC 4212)
  • Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214)
  • Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade (NOC 6221)
  • Heavy-duty equipment mechanics (NOC 7312)
  • Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers (NOC 7321)

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