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Canada has continuously been changing its rules and policies for betterment of immigrants and its economy at large. Recently, Canada has announced it’s first-ever Multi-year Immigration plan (2018-2020) which promises to bring in 1 million skilled immigrants from around the world by 2020. This is great news for those willing to set up their work and home in the maple leaf country. Most of the immigration quota is dedicated to skilled professionals who can apply through any skilled visa program of Canada such as The Express Entry Program, The Provincial Nomination Program and so on.

This news has led to a wave of excitement among candidates who are already considering Canada for Immigration. Many people who were thinking of getting their friends and family into the country can now do so because every program under the Express Entry system will become more liberal and its immigration criteria will be relaxed to let more and more people in. Presently, there is a gigantic Indian population living in Canada as Permanent Residents. After this announcement, the interested immigration aspirants from India will be doubling.

According to predictions making the rounds in Immigration industry, if Canada manages to get over 1 million skilled people into the country, it has to have more similar immigration drives in order to make up for the huge skill gap presently apparent in the country. This implies more immigration opportunities for Indians than ever before. You can even grab a Job in Canada without any facing any serious difficulty as- a) Canada is a culturally rich country with no discrimination at all and b) Only those skilled candidates who are having their Job profile in demand (or listed in the National Occupation Code LIST) are invited to apply. Thus, there is nothing that can stop you from excelling in Canada both personally and professionally!

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It may also be a case that Canada might get its quota overfilled by 2020 and reduce its international immigration drives afterwards, thus decreasing the number of immigration applications it accepts each year. Oneclick Immigrations therefore advise all Canada immigration lookers to apply as soon as possible to gain maximum benefit from this unique move and become part of Canadian economy.

Most significant news in Canada 2018-19

Skilled workers from around India is choosing Canada over U.S. as per a recent study

India are looking for Job opportunities in Canada 2019

In a recent online research, it has been came out that more number of skilled job seekers from India are looking for Job opportunities in Canada than in the most popular economy of the United States. The report also suggests that the Job searches are for tech and related jobs.

These skilled people are searching for profiles like business analyst, software developer, web developer, data scientist, Java developer, software engineer and data analyst among other tech jobs. The study further pointed out the reason for the increase in searches. It says that may be partly due to both “Canada’s booming tech industry” and hesitation in the minds of Indians immigration aspirants about the U.S. H-1B visa program, which the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has tightened caused this major search shift to happen.

Canada’s tech industry is flourishing already and we hope the country will soon be at pinnacle of IT Job market. The following table will guide you about the most searched Jobs by Indians as the report suggests:

Rank Job Title
 1  Business Analyst
 2  Mechanical Engineer
 3  Software Developer
 4  Project Manager
 5  Web developer
 6  Data Scientist
 7  Java Developer
 8  Civil Engineer
 9  Software Engineer
 10  Data Analyst

We you look at a bigger picture, Canada is not attracting the crowd from the globe as much as the United States as Job searches for U.S. jobs also rose in 25 of the 41 countries. However, in the remaining 16 countries including India, however, Canada’s share of Job searches in tech grew while searches to the U.S. declined.

Canada is on its move to improve temporary work visas issues for eligible skilled workers through initiatives like the Global Skills Strategy and Global Talent Stream program. If you too are looking for opportunity to immigrate to Canada, contact us now!

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If you are planning to apply for immigration to Canada in 2019, then there is no better day than today!  Canada being the second largest country in the world with such diversity of cultures is a dream country for many people. With its high standard of living, excellent growth opportunities, immigrant-friendly policies and huge perks & benefits to its Permanent Resident Visa holders, Canada is a premium choice for re-settling overseas!

Now is the time when your chances of moving to Canada are brighter than ever before. Hire Oneclick Immigrations as your professional help in realizing your Canada immigration dream! Take free first consultation from us today! Our team of experts will guide you through the whole process.

Indians dominate the share of Canada Express Entry ITAs

Canada Immigration news 2019 from India

According to a new report that surfaced online, it has been shown that a large share of 42 per cent of Express Entry invitations went to Indian nationals in the last year 2017, up from 33 per cent in the year of 2016. This share represents 36,310 Invitations to Apply out of a total 86,022 issued by the authorities.

The nationals of China received the second-highest number with i.e., 7,466 ITAs, representing less than nine per cent of the total figure of 86,022. You can observe the gap between the top country (India) and the second highest county of china in terms of ITA share.

India is the second-most populous nation in the world after the China. The increasing number of people from these nations, especially Indians is interested in applying through Express Entry as they have a fair acquaintance with the English language, an important factor in applying to Canada immigration via Express Entry system.  Also, on the historic front, Indians have been going and settling in Canada since years. This can be illustrated by the fact that Canada already has a noteworthy Indian Diasporas, Indian communities and Indians serving as Mayors of various Canadian towns.

After India and china, the below list will give the top 10 nationalists you will find in the country of Canada as they were too given reasonable shares of ITAs:

Rank Country Express Entry ITAs 2017
1 India 36,310
2 China 7,466
3 Nigeria 5,130
4 Pakistan 3,339
5 UK 2,652
6 US 2,030
7 Brazil 1,672
8 Iran 1,382
9 Ireland 1,274
10 Australia 1,264

To successfully get an ITA from Canada, you need to follow series of steps as laid down by the government of Canada. Start by setting your profile in the Express Entry pool. The profile will do an assessment of your credentials, such as your age, education, experience and language ability.

  • Your profile will be given a point score are your rank will be decided among other candidates in the pool.
  • Twice in a month, CIC conducts ITA draws through which highest ranking candidates gets selected.

Let us also look at the top countries that have been popular among immigration seekers:

Rank Country Express Entry ITAs 2017
1 Canada 42,184
2 India 14,936
3 U.S. 5,820
4 Nigeria 2,926
5 UAE 2,458
6 UK 1,566
7 Pakistan 1,347
8 China 1,003
9 South Africa 893
10 Saudi Arabia 797

It is a clear picture that Canada tops the chart! If you too is looking to become part of this Indian strata that are getting ITAs before any other nationals, then contact us to get started with your process now!

Canada introduced new biometrics rules effective from July 31

mandatory biometrics for immigrants in 2019 from India

Canada has came up with a new rule mandating fingerprints and a photo for anyone coming from Europe, the Middle East and Africa either on a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit, permanent residence or asylum anywhere in the country. It has been announced the biometrics rule has been effective from 31st of July.

Now let us first understand what is Bio-metrics?

The Biometrics of an individual consist of his/her fingerprints and photo for identification purposes prior to the person entering the country. Many countries like Canada have made biometrics mandatory on account of on illegal establishment in the country. For now this rule is applicable to people coming from Europe, the Middle East and Africa but soon the rule will be extended to Asia, Asia-Pacific and the Americas probably after December 31, 2018.

There are exceptions too on provision of biometrics by certain categories of people. These include travellers from visa-exempt countries coming to the country as tourists with a valid Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Such persons need not furnish the biometrics.

The Canadian government says that the collection of biometrics will smooth the progress of application dealing out and make things easier for those seeking valid entry into Canada. The process of providing your biometric information to the Canadian authorities is a matter of few minutes and has a reasonable cost of CAD $85 or about Rs 4,615 INR (one CAD$ is Rs 54.3 at current rates) for an individual or CAD $170 for a family that is applying and moving to the country together.

You must also be curious about how this Biometrics works. The Biometrics is used at both the application and entry into Canada stages. Biometrics allows visa officers to screen applicants for any former criminal convictions or Canadian immigration misconducts/ bad history. A traveller’s biometrics is also used when they enter Canada in order to confirm his or her identity.

To rule out this biometrics system, about eight major Canadian airports will have self-serve Primary Inspection Kiosks through which a person’s fingerprints will be verified, photos will be confirmed and travellers can make an on-screen declaration too.

You can provide your Biometrics both outside and inside Canada as per your own convenience.

If you are outside Canada and applying for the first time, you can endow with your biometrics at a Government authorized Visa Application Centre (VAC) when applying for a visa.

A total of 137 VACs are there in 95 countries where an applicant can do away with their biometrics formalities. Few new VACs have also been announced by the authorities and are scheduled to open at:

Kigali, Rwanda — Stockholm, Sweden — and Tel Aviv, Israel: mid-September 2018

Athens, Greece — Berlin, Germany — Lyon, France — and Vienna, Austria: early November 2018

Antananarivo, Madagascar and Cape Town, South Africa: early December 2018

These VACs are expected to be open in the year 2019.

Transitional biometrics collection service points are also in working and will be opened to applicants at the following Canadian missions in Europe:

From July 31 to mid-September 2018: The Embassy of Canada in Stockholm, Sweden, for applicants from Sweden and neighbouring countries.

From July 31 to early November 2018: The Canadian embassies in Athens, Greece; Berlin, Germany; and Vienna, Austria for applicants from Greece, Germany, Austria and neighbouring countries.

From July 31 to early November 2018: The Immeuble Le Bonnel in Lyon, France for applicants from France and neighbouring countries.

In case you are applying in Canada, you can easily give your biometric information at specified Service locations in Canada starting in the year 2019. Until then, IRCC specified to anyone applying for a visa, study or work permit or a permanent residence visa in Canada is exempt from following biometrics condition.

To get a complete dose of such Immigration news, keep yourself abreast with our News page regular updations.

What are the Other News for 2019 that Benefit Indians?

Canada is the nation considered safe and family friendly. It welcomes foreign immigrants with open arms and this is what is reflected in the country’s changing immigration policies. Let us read below some other benefits that the country has to offer to its Permanent Residents in 2019:

  • In order to get more working individuals on board, Canada has pretty well liberalized its policies and allowed entry of multiple family members along with the principal applicant. This means that along with the skilled person who is applying for the PR visa to Canada, all of their dependents, which include spouses, children, elders and other family members, can also come along and get status of Permanent Residents in the country. This is a great facet of Canadian immigration that no other skilled immigration program in the world offers. For family oriented families, who can’t leave their families behind, this is one of the strongest endorsements for considering immigration to Canada.
  • Another excellent attribute of the Canada immigration program is that it allows spouse of the candidate to apply as principal applicant in case the candidate himself/herself lacks CRS points. For instance, if your spouse or common law partner has a healthier CRS score than you, then she can become the principal applicant while filing application and both of you can immigrate to Canada as Permanent Residents. The immigration system of Canada also has a provision of additional scores for your spouse’s education and language skills. All this makes Canada a family oriented immigration system.
  • Recently, immigration authority of Canada also announced that all dependents below the age of 21 years can go to Canada along with the principal applicant without any extra application or formality. Earlier, this age limit was 18 years. This change is seen as a great milestone in Canada’s increasing social policy towards new immigrants into the country.
  • Canada has always taken care of its immigrants and has extensively provided them best social benefits to grow and excel in the country. A Permanent Resident of the country is just like Canadian Citizen who is bona fide in the country itself. In fact, the only difference between a Canadian Permanent Resident and a Canadian citizen is that PRs can’t hold public office, vote in elections or take up high-security jobs. Other than that, they enjoy same rights and benefits as any Canadian Citizen. Few examples of services provided by Canada to its Permanent Residents are free healthcare, free education, child allowance, complete protection under the law and many other important facilities.

If you want to move to Canada within one year and be settled there by the end of 2019, apply now. A Permanent Resident of Canada can also apply for Citizenship of the country after spending three consecutive years as Permanent Resident. Canadian government has eased the process to become Citizen of the county. Any permanent resident can appear for a Citizenship test online.

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