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Canadian Citizenship Processing Time & Requirements 2019

Canadian Citizenship Processing Time & Requirements 2019

Canadian citizenship processing time
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Canadian citizenship procedure

To procure a Canada Citizenship Status, you simply need to:

  • Fill out and print the citizenship application form.
  • You can peruse the application control on the web or print it
  • Complete the form and pay the application charge (keep your receipt)
  • Mail the form with every important record (rounded out, marked and dated application frames, verification of home, duplicates of two bits of recognizable proof, two marked citizenship photographs and the receipt of payment) to the citizenship case handling points.

Verify the status of your Canadian citizenship application and begin getting ready for the test

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada will send you a notice affirming their having gotten your Canadian citizenship application.
  • You would then be able to confirm the status of your application
  • Start concentrating for the test as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances.

The Canadian citizenship test

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada will send you a notice with the time and date for your test.
  • Your test might be composed or oral. IRCC can settle on the choice to enable you to have an oral test dependent on various variables, for example, experiencing issues perusing and writing in English or French.
  • When you go to sit for your composed or oral test, you should bring the firsts of the reports that you submitted with your application. Also, bring any international ID or travel archives significant to the four years preceding your application.
  • If you don’t breeze through the composed test, yet you meet different criteria for citizenship, we will plan you for a second test. This second test will generally happen 2-4 months after your first test, yet the postponement may be longer. On the chance that you are not accessible to step through the examination on that date, you should let IRCC know.

The Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

This is your last advance!

  • When you have met the majority of the prerequisites to turn into a Canadian native, you will be sent a notice to go to a service to make the vow of citizenship.
  • You should bring the majority of your unique documents and records to the service.
  • In a room brimming with other soon-to-move toward becoming Canadians, you will make the vow of citizenship, along these lines tolerating the rights and obligations of citizenship. Following the promise you will authoritatively be a piece of our Canadian family and will get a declaration of Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Citizenship Requirements 2019


You should be somewhere around 18 years of age to apply for Canadian citizenship.


You should have lasting occupant PR status in Canada. You should not be the subject of a migration examination, a migration request or a request from Canadian authorities to leave Canada.


  • The required physical nearness in Canada, as a PR occupant, is 3 years (1095 days) out of a five-year time span
  • Before you turned into a PR inhabitant, your time spent in Canada, inside 5 years of applying for Citizenship consider half days (as long as 365 days) towards physical nearness necessities
  • Time spent serving a sentence for an offense in Canada and out-of-nation voyaging time may affect your all out residency time.

Language capacities

In the event that you are 18 to 54 years of age, you should show that you can convey in either French or English so as to turn into a Canadian resident.

Citizenship test

In the event that you are 18 to 54 years of age, you should breeze through a Canadian citizenship test.

Pay charge documenting

You more likely than not made good on your government obligations for a long time amid the 5 years going before your application.

Criminal History

On the chance that you have carried out a wrongdoing, in or outside Canada, you might be ineligible for citizenship for a timeframe.

Canadian citizenship process steps 2019

To apply for Citizenship is a simple act, provided you have checked on your eligibility criteria. Read on the step wise process:

Stage 1: Check on the chance that you are fit the bill to apply

Stage 2: Gather your archives & documents

Stage 3: Pay the expense

Stage 4: Submit your application

Stage 5: Prepare for the test

Stage 6: Go to the test

Stage 7: Wait for the choice

Stage 8: Go to the function and make the vow

Canadian Citizenship Processing Time 2019

As a rule, the function happens inside three months after you breeze through the test. The Canadian government will give you the consequences of your test directly after you take it.

On the chance that your application is non-schedule, Canadian government may request that you go to a conference with a citizenship officer or judge, even after you breeze through the test.

The Canadian government send you a letter after the meeting to tell you:

  • what the officer or judge chose
  • the date of your service (if your application was affirmed)

Canadian Citizenship Rules for Indian

To be qualified to turn into a Canadian Citizen, you should:

  • be a lasting occupant on a PR visa
  • have lived in Canada for 3 out of the most recent 5 years
  • have recorded your expenses, in the event that you have to show how well you know Canada
  • demonstrate your language aptitudes

There are also some circumstances that can keep you from turning into a Canadian native.

  • Some qualification necessities are distinctive for minors (under age 18).
  • On the chance that you’ve served in or with the Canadian Armed Forces, you might most likely apply through a quicker procedure.

PR status

Despite your age, in case you’re applying for citizenship, you should have Permanent Resident (PR) status in Canada.

This implies you meet all conditions for a PR and must not be:

  • under survey for migration or misrepresentation reasons
  • requested to leave Canada (expulsion request)

You needn’t bother with a legitimate PR card to apply for citizenship. You can in any case apply with a terminated PR card.

Time you have lived in Canada

Grown-ups and a few minors more likely than not been physically present in Canada for no less than 1095 days amid the five years directly before the date you sign your application.

We urge you to apply with over 1095 days of physical nearness to have additional days on the chance that there is an issue with the estimation.

Income Tax recording

Despite your age, whenever required under the Income Tax Act, you should meet your own pay charge recording commitments in three assessment years that are completely or mostly inside the five years directly before the date you apply.


On the chance that you have perpetrated a wrongdoing in or outside Canada, you may not be qualified to turn into a Canadian resident for a timeframe. This incorporates on the chance that you:

  • are serving a sentence outside Canada
  • are serving a term of detainment, on parole or on post trial supervision in Canada

are accused of, on preliminary for, or associated with an intrigue of an:

  • indictable offense in Canada
  • offense outside Canada

have been sentenced in the four years before applying for citizenship of an:

  • indictable offense in Canada
  • offense outside Canada

Time spent serving a term of detainment, on parole, or on post trial supervision doesn’t consider time you have lived in Canada.

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