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ICCRC Agent Mr. Angad Sachdeva ICCRC No. R518464

MR. Angad Sachdeva – (RCIC #518464 )

Angad Sachdeva is the President & RCIC of Oneclick Immigration Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd. for Canada Immigration.

He is an active member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. With over 5 years of experience as a Immigration Practitioner, he handles all immigration related matters for global clients.

Angad has been instrumental in handling complex immigration cases for his clients in recent history preventing the Immigration Department from unfairly refusing immigration applications. His appeal work covers all the divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

He also worked as an official educational recruiter for reputable Canadian universities. His years of experience in student placement services helped him understand the intricacies involved in the immigration process. On the top of it, being an immigrant himself he understands the various aspects, and emotional and financial tribulations of the immigration process.

This encouraged him to use his knowledge, skills and experience to help individuals and families achieve their goal of migrating to Canada. He then received his Certificate of Immigration Consultant with Honors from Humber College, which gave him the knowledge and skills to work with clients as a regulated immigration consultant. He now assists individuals applying for Canadian visa on different grounds, such as study, work, visit, humanitarian, business, etc.

About RCIC and Oneclick Visas

ICCRC Consultants in India is designated staff authorised by the Canadian government (Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, ICCRC).

In other words, ICCRC is the watchdog for ICCRC Approved consultants in India regulating their practice as Immigration Consultants and link a legal outcome in case of any fraud/scam done by them.

Oneclick Visa is one such Registered Consultants in India, offering its valuable services since a decade now. We have RCICs working with us who are liable to follow the ICCRC guidelines or else pay the penalty. The reputed RCIC member AngadSachdeva is in association with our firm and has been taking care of our clients and their respective cases with utmost professionalism.

Reasons to hire a RCIC

Do you intend to settle in Canada permanently? Then this is the right time to make your decisions firmer by contacting a regulated consultant firm. Many of the immigration aspirants are unaware about benefits of applying through a RCIC rather than other unregulated consultancies.

Here are a few reasons to why should you hire a RCIC for your immigration process:

Rightful guidance

There are over 60 different streams offered by Canadato facilitate your immigration procedure. Most of the immigrants are ignorant of these alternative options. By getting in touch with a RCIC, you will be able to pick up the mostappropriate stream best suitable for the given credentials.

RCICs’deep knowledge and extended information in the field of Canada immigration makes them the best resource for you. Through RCICs, you get access to the authentic information, which you can believe, unlike the information available on various online platforms or information given by friends and families who have immigrated to Canada years ago!

Approved Consultants

RCICs are like your direct link to the Canadian government. In actuality, they are the agent of Canadian government in India to safeguard the interest of Indian immigrants and make them informed consumers of consultancy services. RCICs are very soul of any Authorized Immigration consultants in India. Other unregulatedconsultants aren’t qualified enough to handle the legalimmigration procedure. When employing a regulated Canadian immigration consultant, you have conviction that the expert is a decent immigration lawyer and thus you can leave all the task and charge of your visa processing, completely on the chosen RCIC.

Earned qualification in immigration laws

One of the most essential trademarksof an RCIC is they are certified andqualified in handling immigration affairs. Each specialisedRCIC needs to perform his/her duty within the periphery of a severe Code of Conduct. The Code has a stringent agreement of standards that must be maintained by the RCICs.If a RCIC fail to pursue the laid down code of conduct, CIC may cancel the license of the consultant.

The standard book of code of conduct for RCICs isthe quality immigration help, moral practice with the clients, keeping up of privacy and dedication while handling a case. Any defy in these norms by an expert will be treated as dishonourable.

Authorized with the Canadian administrative body

A RCIC is a permitted person/bodyto guide and help the immigration aspirants outside Canada so that they can get their visa approvals easily, securely and well in time. They are also required to keep you abreastwith the on-going or upcoming changes in the rules and policies of CIC.

This implies that RCICs works on some set principles and protects you from committing any grave mistake in your application that may hamper your chances of immigrating to Canada. RCICs at Oneclick Visasare Canadian visa specialists, ensuring you a quick delivery of visa and hassle free experience.

All your documentation is dealt with effectiveness

The task of immigration comes with a lot of paperwork. Arranging, sorting and submitting of documentsrequire a long time of concentration. The documents have to be accurately placed and submitted within the deadline to avoid any future disappointment of rejection. Our RCIC’s deal with this unwanted hassle. RCICs are well aware of the correct format and submission guidelines of immigration documents. There is no way you can compare your submission with that of the professional submission done by RCICs.

There are also, in some cases, requirement of ADRs (Additional Documentation Requirement) given by CIC for further verification of your identity (or for any other reason). This communication from CIC can be handled in a professional way via an expert only.

To sum up, RCICs acts as the backbone in the body of immigration.

Why choose us?

Nowadays, finding a genuine and authorised consultant is rare. In the immigration business, many firms are established with the mere purpose of extorting money from people. There are manyfraudulent immigration consultancies, giving false hopes to immigration seekers, particularly in India. Initially, these consultancies trick people with a low charge for a visa or an employment arrangement that doesn’t exist and then demand the large chunk of money at the later stage. In the end, they will dupe you without any visa confirmation.

To address such issues, Canadian authority has allowed RCICs to operate as the agent of the government and safeguard candidates for any exploitation both in terms of money and time. Oneclick Visas is an authorised consultancy headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. We employ the most reliable immigration consultants and certified A1 grade of case officers that would not let you swindle away for other fraud consultants.

Oneclick Visas work on the values of trustand moral lead. We invite you to come over our office and meet our prestigious team including our RCIC member Mr.Sachdeva. For any other query, give us a call or mail us today!

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