Post Landing Services in Canada

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Post Landing Services in Canada

After setting your foot in Canada, you and your family might be stressed over settling down in the new country. As the place might be new for you, you need assistance of an immigration consultant even after immigrating.

Note that not all immigration consultancies will provide you post-landing services as provided by Oneclick Visas. Our team at Oneclick makes sure that you don’t confront any kind of issue even after your arrival at the new country of Canada. We provide the most swift and personalised post landing services to our clients to render them maximum comfort even after completion of their PR process with us.

Our group of experts are knowledgeable in regard to problems and issues that you may face in a new country. Targeting such problems and resolving them on your behalf can definitely help you settle down easily. Below mentioned is some of our post-landing services provide to our clients:

Air Pickup and Drop

We arrange for air terminal pickup and drop at the given time. Our group from Canada, when required, may help you at the air terminal and drop you at your new home or any other accommodation you have arranged for yourself.

Basic info about Canada

On the way, you can take the guiding session about how to live and be social in the country. You can ask anything you doubt.


One of the main post-landing services is the arrangement of accommodations-both temporary and permanent.

Language class help

Help you get enrolled in to free French and English classes. Back in Canada, both English and French are considered the official languages. Although not mandatory, it is advisable to have a fair knowledge of both the languages. Familiarity with both English and French may help you in looking for some kind of employment or in case of any emergency as you are from a foreign land and people may not fully understand you if your dialect is different than theirs. It is probably also going to earn you new friends.

SIN and other related arrangements

Getting you to meet with property dealers, brokers, bank people and other business

agent as you may require. We also give directions on how to apply foryour SIN (Social Insurance Number) card, Healthcare and other such government aids. These are very basic for your survival as the permanent resident in Canada.

School admissions for your child

We also make sure to find the best school for your kids, a family doctor, electrician, etc. for your kids up to 12th standard, education is free.

Help in financial matters

Help you in your financial matters such as opening up of a new bank account, applying for a credit card, etc. This is important as almost the whole of western countries live by their credit cards, even for a single dollar purchase! There, the economy runs on cash free model.

PR and Citizenship help

We provide recommendations to effectively deal with residency and citizenship troubles. In case of any issue related to your PR visa, you can contact our Canadian team. Also, in case after years you want to become a Canadian citizen, you can take guidance from us on how to meet all the requirements for citizenship test, oath, interview, etc. In case your child is conceived and born in Canada, then he/she is a born citizen of Canada, even if you are still on your PR visa.

Career help

Our team is Canada also offers professional help in making resume and cover letter according to Canadian standards. This will help you a great deal in finding a good paying job in the country. We can also give you training and guide you on expected performance in the interviews so that you can brush up your interview skills.

Help in arranging Canadian IDs

We also help you in obtaining your driving license and other required identification proofs. Also, we can provide you with Canada’s maps and yellow phone book so that you can feel at home.

Help you with medical insurance

Healthcare is expensive in western countries and that is why people tend to take health insurances.Although, you have the subsidised medical aids as a PR holder, but since your health card takes some time to arrive, you can take up a health insurance for a brief time period.

Help you know the country better

We can also provide you with details about your province or city so that you can know your place of residing, which can also help in moving around and making friends in the neighbour.We can also share help regarding general information such as grocery stores, entertainment centres, cinemas, restaurants and other details as you may require.

Apply with oneclick visas and immigrate to Canada soon!

Canada is a beautiful country full of Indians and thus usually, new immigrants find it easy to settle in. There are however, many vulnerabilities, changes and difficulties that you may face in the new land among foreign people and that is why, we extend our help to our clients even after completion of their immigration process with us.

If you are thinking to settle in Canada but scared to do so on your own, then we suggest you to contact us. With our post-landing services, it is extremely comfortable and a whole lot easier for you to settle in the new country. If you prefer to give us a chance to help you easily settle in to your new home in Canada, contact our experts and get started with your PR process right away! Call us or visit us at our office for more personalised interaction.