Refund Policy

The Client perceives that permitting of a visa or status and the time required for setting up this application is at the sole alert of the organization and not ONECLICK IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICE.

The Client further perceives that ONECLICK IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICE can’t guarantee that the Client will be yielded the favourable position that the Client is searching for from Citizenship Immigration Canada, Government of Canada or Immigration Appeal Boards/Courts, even after ONECLICK IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICE viably records each and every fundamental application and reports.

ONECLICK IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICE won’t limit any of the master costs charged and will be met all requirements for full portion of master charge as per the getting whether:

  1. The Client does not team up in filling the application and finish of development case for interminable relocation with the development authorities.
  2. The application is pulled back by the Client at any stage.
  3. The application gets expelled due to false information, twisting, distortion, medical or security unsatisfactory quality or dissatisfaction by the Client to adhere to the terms and conditions of this comprehension.
  4. Client fails to satisfy the development officer of his/her informative measurement, word related getting, capacities, language limits, and genuineness of information submitted.
  5. The application gets rejected for cracks of security criminal sentiments and pending charges.
  6. The Client is unfit to get the required score in the Language Proficiency Test for instance IELTS, PET.
  7. Clients settling on part portions won’t be met all requirements for limits.

ONECLICK IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICE will in any case make limits in the going with cases:

  1. Registration Fees will be totally limited if the particular appraisal record for instance “PR Score card” is negative for the client.
  2. Where Invitation (ITA) isn’t settled the score after the fulfilment of one year of inn the Client’s record into the Express Entry Pool. A 15% markdown will be made to the Client. The Client will moreover have the option of either taking the markdown of 15% OR attracting ONECLICK IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICE to re-hold up their record for one more year at no extra cost, gave the Client is so far qualified under the centres based structure to apply.
  3. Where the Client has given the English ability test for instance IELTS General and is unfit to score the “Capability Score” as decided in the specific evaluation chronicle for instance “PR Score card” in no less than 4 tries. In these cases, a markdown of 20% will be made to the Client.
  4. If the Client begins a sales to stop the method with ONECLICK IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICE, by sending an email at inside 48 hours of making the important portion to ONECLICK IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICE, showing the clarifications behind the proportional.

A rebate of 75% will be made. It will be commonly expected that the organizations from ONECLICK IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICE have been started and capability towards this announcement for markdown won’t be suitable.